New Life, New Roomie! 5 Great Tips To Be The Perfect Roommate.

Obviously, there is no such thing as a perfect roommate, but you can still be pretty close. 1 min

Living out of your home for the first time? Well, living with a roommate can be a huge adjustment. Sharing close quarters with new people comes with an opportunity for friendships as well as compromises. Finding a roommate is in itself a difficult job, but once you have done that, you can do make other things go smoothly.

We want to help you have a great start with your roomie. Here is a list of advice for you  

  1. 1 Communicate, because you are not a mind reader

    You are adults now. So, if anything needs to be said, just say it. 

    You might want some peaceful me-time, whereas your roommate may always need a company. Do not withhold things from each other, but simply work your way out.

    If you are lucky, your roommate might have habits as same as yours, but if it is not? It is important to speak up for such things.

  2. 2 Be flexible and not adamant

    Well this is not your home. You might be accustomed to do things in a particular way at you home, but always remember that you are not at home now. Also, it is equally new for your roommate as well. So learn to adjust and compromise. Be a little flexible with your work and timings, and meet things.

  3. 3 Think of creating a contract, a roomie contract

    A roommate contract is amazing to clarify things like visiting time of the significant other, cleaning duties, me-time, hangout time. Also decide on what to do if someone doesn’t follow the contract.

    It is always better to agree to things early, rather than assuming to be on the same page.

  4. 4 Split responsibilities along with money

    One person shouldn’t be doing all the house chores and the paying the bills. Split all the responsibilities from the very beginning to avoid any fights over it. Set an alarm on a calendar or phone, so that nothing is forgotten.

  5. 5 Have some roomie time only

    It is not to mention, that you and your roommate will have friends visiting your place pretty often. But that should not be for such a long time that he becomes a third roommate.

    You should always reserve some time for your roommate and get to know the person she is. Open up for some candid conversations or a fun cooking session, and dedicate this time only to your roomie.

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