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Silence speaks when words can’t.

Silence speaks when words don’t.

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  1. the poor girl laughed a lot!
    one day a bad dream made her thought!
    she was dreaming of the ghost.
    where her uncle was the host!
    she got the license of silence from her uncle,
    she had to keep shut,
    never to go out of the hut!
    she watched the birds from the window,
    she wanted to fly like them,
    but she was a widow!
    never was she alone,
    she had her mother
    inside every mourn!
    there was a day she went out,
    to save the world,
    to make her mother proud!
    then she woke up, her mother was gone,
    the boy saved her before it was dawn!

As an artist, I see art not as a language but a tool. A tool to decipher feelings, emotions and complexities of mind to both me and my viewers. At a young age I discovered the emotional aspects of colors and how the exact mix of proportions create a visual that hits the mind at the right spot. Throughout my academic career I've pursued art as a hobby and a window to breathe and dream.  I always keep a sketchbook handy so that I can doodle the ideas, question them and later develop into detailed paintings. I believe its colors that enhance an artwork, not any particular medium; hence I prefer to use any available media to create my artwork. “Deconstruct and recreate in a dimension where anything is possible” - This is the common thread among my artworks. The surrealism I prefer to portray draws inspiration from anything mysterious. I try to imply the vastness and vibrancy of space and universe into my art. Vivid and contrasting colors help me bring out the subject in highlight. Also I’m a big fan of silhouettes.