The Worst Of The Worst.

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I bring to you…….(Waaaait for it, waaaait for it) the worst of them all (dum-dum-dum). Today’s poll consists of the worst things that have ever been conceived and roamed the face of the earth. Be it the most bizarre taste in fashion or the most obnoxious food flavour. Here’s definitely some that were not the cream of the cob. Massive Fails!!!!

  1. Which Fashion Trend Is Worse?


    Fashion can be both beautiful and bizarre at the same time.

    1. Safety Pin Face Jewelry
    2. Jumpsuits For Men In The 1980's
    8 votes
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  2. The Worst Food Combination.


    This image was enough to make me gag, let alone the options... Ugh.

    1. A Banana & Mayo Sandwich
    2. Cheese Doritos Drowned In Mountain Dew. Yuck!
    7 votes
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  3. Which Movie Was Worse?


    Let's all agree that we (the ones brave enough to endure these movies) all had a tough time digesting the plot and purpose of these films

    1. Himmatwala
    2. Joker
    7 votes
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  4. The Worst Sport?


    Ouch! Man, that must have hurt.

    1. Curling (Please don't ask me the purpose of this sport, for I don't understand myself)
    2. Fishing (It's good as a hobby or an occupation but to turn it into a professional sport is just a way to kill us with boredom)
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  5. The Worse Gadget Flop?

    1. Apple/ Bandai Pippin (Yes, Apple tried it's hand at Video gaming too)
    2. Oakley Thump Sunglasses (The predecessor to the Google glasses these pair of opticals were a 20th century massive fail.
    7 votes
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  6. Which Diet Is Worse?


    Diets are such nasty and ridiculous things that make us feel bad about ourselves. Why be so unrealistic, huh?

    1. Wow! I wonder what air tastes like, I'm guessing empty.
    2. Lets all mash our food up, God knows what are teeth for?
    7 votes
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  7. Which One Is Worse


    Not the 'Starry Night', of course.

    1. Guernica, 1937. (Picasso was a true artistic genius but this painting is just pointless.)
    2. No.5, 1948. (Please do explain this to me.)
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  8. Worst Ice Cream Flavour?

    1. Roasted Garlic And Honey Ice-Cream (TBH I might try it...)
    2. Lobster Ice-Cream (Need I say more)
    7 votes
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