5 Places in Calcutta for best authentic Momos

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Rolls and Puchkas have been dominating the fast food sector of Calcutta since ages, now its time for momos. Twelve years ago people wouldn’t even know the description of momos,now it is available everywhere. It came to Calcutta from the Hills of North East India and Nepal.After it came, it got adjusted according to palates of Calcutta. The chutney became sweet, momos got fried and is served with the hot garlic sauce as Pan-Fried Momos. Here are my five top recommended places where you can still get authentic momos in Calcutta.


· The Blue Poppy

This place serves one of the best steam momos of Calcutta. You get Vegetarian, Chicken and pork momos in Steam, Fried and Pan-Fried versions .It also serves other Tibetan and Chinese delicacies as well. The momos here are tender, soft and their red fiery chutney is very spicy and tasty. I also like Chilly Garlic meifoon (Rice Noodles) served here; it just melts in your mouth. It is located on the 1st Floor of Sikkim House, Middleton Street.

Pocket Pinch- Rs.450 for two (approx.)


· Hamro Momo

This is one of the oldest momo joints of Calcutta. It is located on suburban hospital road, beside Sambhunath Pandit Hospital. It’s a small cozy place which serves the best pork momos and Thukpas of Calcutta. I found out the shape of the momos quite unique here. They have Vegetarian and chicken version as well. Do try out their Pan-Fried Version of Momos and Chinese food as well. They don’t compromise on the quantity of food they offer.

Pocket Pinch- Rs.300 for two (approx.)


· Denzong Kitchen

It took me a lot of effort to reach this place, it’s hard to locate. It is located in the by lanes of Bikramgarh in south Kolkata. As soon as I reach this place I was surprised to see a large crowd waiting to have lip smacking momos. This place is truly a hidden gem, it’s a small cozy place with not so good ambience but their momos are to die for. You could see Nepali Cooks preparing steaming momos in front of you. You get the Vegetarian, Chicken and Pork momo in steam, fried, Pan-fried version. They even serve other Nepali delicacies which you hardly get anywhere in Calcutta.

Pocket Pinch- Rs.300 for two (approx.)


· Bangur Super Market

This is a cart located on the gate of the market .Two Nepali guys sells steaming momos but only the Vegetarian version. I was surprised to find out that these guys don’t even add onion and garlic in their stuffing as well as their chutney .Inspite of all this their steaming momos tastes heavenly. Their chutney is quite fiery. You can find them from 4 Pm till 8 P.m.

Pocket Pinch- Rs.30 per plate.


· Theatre A.C Market

This is a stall located near Theatre A.C market, just beside Mayaram Pav Bhaji. They sell only vegetarian momos in steam, fried, pan-fried version. Their steaming momos is really close to authenticity but it tastes really well. They serve a small bowl of clear soup along with momos. This stall serves other Chinese food as well.

Pocket Pinch- Rs.100 for two (approx.)

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