5 Famous Street Foods of Kolkata

Pedestrians go into a divine time-zone when they roam around for food in these places of Kolkata. 1 min


Can you imagine life without food? FOOD – Functionality Of Our Discernment. When we roam around in places of Kolkata we come across some great street foods of the city! Kolkata – the city of Joy, keeps us happy with some delicious, mouth-watering food! We can spend seven days of the week with seven different food of the city!

Let us see what the city of Joy has to offer us!

  1. 1 Jhalmuri (Spicy Puffed rice)

    No one can deny that "jhalmuri" is a companion anytime! With some pickles, chilli, coriander leaves and little oil, this is the dish is flavoursome! And if there's a small piece of coconut in it, who is going to stop you from spending a good 5 minutes with your food!

  2. 2 Phuchka

    You can see many phuchka wala in the streets of Kolkata anywhere! The secret is you have to find the right one who has the hands of God! You can have this special snack of small 'puri' with spicy mashed potatoes or with curd or even with Ghugni (dried yellow peas). A must try! 

    The taste is delectable!

  3. 3 Ghoti gorom

    Ghoti gorom! Jhuri bhaja (sev) which is kept in a container under which there are pieces of hot coal. The seller mixes the jhuri bhaja with fresh ingredients like carrot, raw mango, onions. A pinch of salt and little bit oil! Sounds crazy!

    The snack itself is crazy!

  4. 4 Egg Roll

    A paratha filled with egg omelette and pieces of cucumber and onion! 

    It may not be healthy, but surely you can taste it!

    Finding a good Fast Food Centre is a challenge. But once you locate the correct centre, it is just a matter of time to have a bite of this delicious food!

  5. 5 Butter Tea

    This beverage might be found in different places also. But in Kolkata in the northern part of the city, the stalls near the Ganga Ghats sell good ones! You can spend a fine evening in the ghats while having this soul-warming drink!

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