A canteen-the place we have more fun. In our college days the most part we spend in canteen than our classrooms, which carries lots of memories. 1 min


  1. Thala Siva

    Briyani-the most famous South Indian dish, which is popular all over the world.The spicy dish which is made with some ingredients like spices, vegetables or mutton or chicken or egg. Briyani made by Muslim will be the most favourite among all, it tastes different than all biryanis made in hotels.

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  2. Thala Siva

    Fried rice - dish of cooked rice that has been stir-fried in the pan along with all other vegetables, it can also be mixed up with mutton or egg instead of using vegetables. It is not only a popular dish in the canteen but also popular in roadside.

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  3. Thala Siva

    The most favourite one in the canteen for all (just guess). The crisp and crunchy layer add an extra thing, which makes the feeling to eat it while entering the canteen. It is stuffed with potatoes, onions, green peas and more. Samosas can also be prepared as a sweet form. It is always made in the triangular shapes (But I have wondered and think why this cant be made in any other shapes like square or circle, why? anyone thought over it).

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  4. 4 DOSA

    Thala Siva

    Dosa-the most favourable dish in the canteen for the breakfast. It is a south Indian diet. It can also be said as a type of pancake and crepe in its appearance. Mainly severed hot along with sambar and chutney. There are different types dosas like masala dosa, onion uthappam, and more.

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  5. Thala Siva

    Noddles-the most favourable dish for children. It is most commonly found in long, thin strips but it can also be given in other shapes like waves, tubes,etc.,.They are often pan-fried or deep-fried. Always served with sauce or with soup.

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  6. Thala Siva

    Tea and Biscuit-the combination can't be beaten by any other pair of drink and cookies. The best snacks during break time. And the most favourite for all. To get relax, to refresh our mind we used to take it. 

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  7. Thala Siva

    Parotta- made from maida flour, a popular dish in South India. It is layered flatbreads. It is taken with vegetable kurma or mutton or chicken. Maida dough is beaten into thin layers and the made into circle parotta. The other different dishes made are kothu parotta and chilli parotta mainly liked by many people.

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  1. I think the triangular shape is a distinctive feature that makes a samosa, a samosa. It can be moulded into other shapes but then it would not remain a samosa, a square would make it a savoury beignet and a circle would make it a kachodi. That’s what I think.

  2. Appreciate the written work!
    Although, it does seem like someone cast a “wrong spell” on the word Biryani. Also, with due respect, I must let this in on you that Biryani as much as a South “Asian” dish is not a South Indian dish solely, as long as you mean to imply Hyderabadi Biryani. The word Biryani has its etymological roots (“Birian”) from the language prevalent in Persia, which is modern day Iran.
    With regards to Biryani made by “Muslim” (I’d say Muslims or the Muslim community. Actually, I wouldn’t write that at all.”), my aunt is a Christian and she makes the best lip smacking and splender-licious Biryani, the kind you’d moan the word delish to. Not sure if she converts herself just for the procedure, but I doubt she would.
    Research is apt, though!
    Keep writing!

  3. You are right Ishika, I totally agree with you, being a Lucknowite I take immense pride in Awadhi Cuisine which includes Biryanis of all sorts and to call Biryani particularly a South Indian dish is kind of insulting. Although I can’t argue, for both regions have their own personal take on this flavourful rice dish. Then again Thala please do not feel like I am trying to prove you wrong, for that is not my intention. This article is a brilliant piece of work. You have done a great job and I totally appreciate it. This is just my point of view that i wanted to voice, that’s all.


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