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One of the toughest challenges we all face as bloggers is to be regular. While it is difficult, it is also very essential to churn out content regularly.
Now that requires a lot of effort and dedication but getting your blog to grow without being regular is very tough. This holds true also for your social media channels.
Posting content regularly helps you be in touch with your readers. If you post irregularly, you end up losing the connection with your readers. I also believe that if you’re posting, say once in a month, your readers will also end up losing interest.
to pitch or not to pitch
I suggest posting at least once a week on your blog and every day on your social media. In fact, I try and post more than once a week on the blog. That has really helped me increase the traffic to the website. The more content I create, the more the readers go onto the website to read it.
I post at least every day on Instagram. It is tough to share a new image everyday so sometimes I recycle content and re-share some old favourite pictures and recipes. Even if the readers have seen that image before, it helps me connect with them and refresh their memory.
On Facebook, my team posts thrice a day. We’re still working on growing the Facebook page, so being very active there helps us reach out to a larger and newer audience.
This is just how regular I am but you should work at your own pace. Post as often as you think you can. If you feel posting so regularly pressurises you and effects the quality of your content, take it slow! Having said that, try and be as regular and active as you can. Every time you post on your blog/ social media, you possibly reach more people, eventually growing your readership and followers.
There are certain ways to make sure you are regular. The first way is to work in advance. Try creating content a week in advance at least. That helps you take care of any unexpected busy days. Scheduling posts in advance alway help.
I’ve started making a monthly content calendar that helps me put out content regularly.
While being regular is great, you just need to take care of two things-
As I said earlier, it shouldn’t effect the quality of content you’re putting out. That’s the most important part!
The other thing is that make sure you’re not spamming. I end up unfollowing so many people only because they spam my timeline by posting way too much. Being regular is good but spamming is not!
Other than being regular, there are also a few other tips you can look at to be a better blogger!

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