Candies that will bring back 90’s kids Memories back

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 There are a lot of fond memories attached to our growing up years. These tasty treats made growing up all the more exciting. A candy was our parent’s way to bribe us for completing the day’s homework. We used to save the 25-50 paise coins in our piggy banks just to buy these small joys, which came in a wrapper. But gone are the days when it took just a 50 paise coin to buy happiness. Before Snickers and Ferrero’s took over the world of childhood in India, there was the humble world of the 90s. Here are 13 such sweets that will definitely take you down memory lane. Sweet memories ahead.

  1. 1 Dabur Hajmola Candy

  2. 2 Parle Rol-a-cola

  3. 3 Parle Poppins

  4. 4 Pan pasand Gold

  5. 5 Parle Kismi

  6. 6 White Rabbit

  7. 7 Maha lacto

  8. 8 Parle Mango bite

  9. 9 Lotte Coffy bite

  10. 10 Alpenliebe

  11. 11 Boomer Bubble gum

  12. 12 Pim pom Lollipops

  13. 13 Phantom Cigarette

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  1. Omg!!! This reminds me of my Pre-primary and primary school days when my mum use use to come to take me back from school…I just want my childhood back.

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