Cheesy Nachos Avalanche and Masala Fries at Hoppipola ~ yay or nay?

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I have been hanging out at Hoppipola,Acropolis Mall since my first year at college especially after they introduced the 70’s menu(which is now the 99s  menu). With the really cute ambience and affordable booze during the happy hours,this place is a very popular for most of the students of my college when they decide to bunk lectures and hang out.Last day, I went there with a friend who does not drink so we decided to order cheesy nachos avalanche and masala fries to nibble.The time they took in delivering the food was really less and the staff there was great and friendly as usual.

Masala Fries

The masala fries blew my mind away.Calling it yummy will probably underrate it.They give you quite a generous amount for Rs 145 + tax. Thin slices of potatoes are fried and seasoned with robust spices to perfection.For you booze-lovers,this will work great as your "chakhnas".The dip they serve you with is also great.In case you love the dip so much that you finish it before finishing the fries,dont worry they will give you a second helping if you ask for it.So Masala Fries is a big thumbs-up for me.

Cheesy Nachos Avalanche

To my utter misery I did not like the cheesy nachos avalanche at all. It did not resemble even a bit with the picture shown in the menu.There was some sort of tomato semi-puree or something and a little bit of cheese on the top.You can just make it at home (buy a packet of cheese nachos,put them in a bowl,chop a tomato,put the tomatoes on top of the nachos,after that put some cheese on it....bass, you have got yourself a dish which will cost you much less). For Rs 295 + tax, its a big no-no for me :'(

For some reason I cannot upload the picture for this dish.However I will upload it on my instagram and facebook account if you want to have a look.Click to view it.

Do let me know if you have ever tried these dishes and if you did,what are your feedbacks?

Constructive criticisms are most welcome 🙂

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