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Hii lovely foodies!!!! Paneer is a basic kind of cheese that is used in Indian cuisine.It is a common source of protein and calcium to the vegetarian Indians. PANEER RESHMI is a unique blend of soft paneer, spices and bellpeppers , hails from the popular NorthIndian cuisine. INGREDIENTS : 1)Paneer (300 gms,cut into strips) 2)onion(1,finely chopped) 3)tomato(1,sliced) 4)bellpeppers(yellow,red,green; sliced) 5)tomato puree(1cup) 6)ginger- garlic paste(1 tblspn) 7)oil (1 tblspn) 8)cumin seeds(1 tsp) 9)cashew paste(1 cup) 10)curd(1/2cup) 11)salt to taste 12)turmeric powder(1/4tsp) 13)coriander powder(1tsp) 14)red chilli powder(1tsp) 15)Garam masala(1/2tsp) 16)Ellaichi powder(1/2tsp) 17)fresh cream(2tblspn) 18) coriander leaves(1tspn;chopped) 1 cup=250 ml METHOD: 1)Cut paneer into thin strips and add hot water to soak the paneer pieces and cover and set it aside. 2)Heat oil in a pan.Add cumin seeds and allow it to sputter. Add onion and saute till translucent.Add ginger garlic paste and saute well. 3)Add cashew paste ,curd and tomato puree. Saute for 1-2 minutes.Then add all the veggies along with the dry spices. 4) Add 1 cup of water and allow the tomato puree to cook in low flame till the oil oozes out. 5)Add paneer strips and mix gently. Add garam masala and Ellaichi powder and give it a stir. 6) Add fresh cream and stir and keep in flame for 2 minutes. Turn off the flame.Garnish with coriander leaves. The fresh cream enriches taste and brings down the tanginess of the tomato puree. A rich, creamy and tasty Reshmi paneer would be a perfect complement for your Indian Bread. I have served with Lachha parantha.ENJOY!!

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