Walking in a Musical Wonderland: Macazzo, Kolkata

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Kolkata is a paradise for foodies. The sheer variety of food options available in this city is astounding – from rich street food culture to haute cuisine, and plenty in between. For any dining establishment be recognized as a good, food and ambience are not to be taken lightly. Macazzo on Southern Avenue, delivers on both counts.

Located at the corner of Sarat Chatterjee Avenue and Southern Avenue, this quaint little place is a frequent haunt of the city’s cosmopolitan cafephile youth. While the cafe’s exterior doesn’t boast of much, its interior is a whole different story.

The walls are adorned with posters of musical icons and their albums. This place is ideal for music lovers. While the posters themselves are quite impressive to look at…

…what really caught our eyes were these inventive ways of using old cassettes as decor:

Likewise, the chefs don’t disappoint either. Portion sizes were generous; so much so that we personally recommend that mains be shared between two unless you want to return home in a taxi due to feeling overly full (our own experience).

Among the many things they offer on their menu, there were many that grabbed our attention: most notably the burger menu, which had a huge amount of toppings for a very reasonable price, the Pizza menu, which contained different types of pizzas like the Tokyo pizza, which contained oriental cooked pork and of course, the famed yet controversial Hawaiian pizza. They also had varied options like the Nasi Goreng, satay curry with rice, pastas, A la Kievs and the regular continental fare.

Some items which deserve special mention are:

The Kiwi Mojito

Chilli Hot Chocolate

Satay Curry with Rice

Pork Nasi Goreng

BBQ Chicken, Pulled Pork, Bacon and Fried Egg Sandwich

If you’re in town and in the neighbourhood, do not give Macazzo a miss. You will not be disappointed. This place is a treat for your eyes, ears and of course your taste buds.

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