7 Awkward Moments Every Twenty Something Has Definitely Faced

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  1. 1 When you send a provocative text on the wrong group

    Texting on groups is one of the biggest hassles. Even worse if you have groups within groups. So what happens when you are intending to ask a smaller group of friends if they are attending that not-so-favourite-friend's party but send the text on the group that the invitation had been sent on itself? YOU DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST SOCIAL DEATH! 

  2. 2 When your lies get caught in the most embarrassing ways


    We all make excuses to not get out of bed when our friends ring us.  Now we can't really be sick all the time so sometimes the excuse is it to have alternate plans.  So Rohan calls you to meet him but you tell him that you are with Sid.  Only if you knew Sid was sitting in the chair right next to him. *bangs head against the wall*

    Goodluck on the next few awkward meetings with not just Rohan but Sid as well 🙂 

  3. 3 When your friend loves sharing your horrifying stories. With your parents.


    Yes my parents are cool. Yes they 'seem' okay with most of the things I do. But they did not need to know about story number 1, 2 or 100! They did not need to know about that one hysterical night that should have been burried deep within our own memory. But thanks to you, it'll be refreshing to reminicise it at the dinner table :)))

  4. 4 When you have that clumsy moment in public


    Remember that nightmare you had as a kid where you were suddenly naked in a public place? I guess it feels even worse when you are no more a kid, but an adult, fully capable of taking care of themselves but end up getting a tear in your clothes in public? And the nightmare finally comes true if unfortunately, you are not aware of the tear but it is pointed out by that lurking stranger behind you!

  5. 5 When you realize you've been defending the wrong side for too long


    Somehow, during our teen years we at least have once ended up in a heated arguement siding something that we realize halfway through the brawl that we do not completely support it. Now you dont want to look like an idiot so you gladly feed your huge ego to continue fighting along. 

    Deep down, you still continue feeling like a complete idiot.

  6. 6 When the funny story you're telling isn't really funny


    It's that moment when the harsh reality sinks in that the incident that had you cracking up for a whole 30 minutes, is not equally or rather nearly as funny to anyone else.  In such situations it's better to believe that it was much funnier when it originally happened.  Or you're just a terrible orator..?

  7. 7 Lastly, the classic, waving at someone you half know


    Most of us try to avoid eye contact with people we know. But that one awkward moment when you decide to be friendly and social and wave at someone, only to realize that you only half know them. You probably know them via a friend or social media but obviously, you are a stranger to them. Now keep thinking about how that half wave made you look worse.


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