7 stages of a Whatsapp group

Most of us have their Whatapp flooded with a lot of groups. Lets see the seven stages which most of our Whatsapp group goes through. 1 min

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  1. 1 Greetings and greetings

    Someone takes that initiate and makes a group. There begins the phase of greetings. Hi Hi Hi and Hi is all you find around.

  2. 2 Extroverts forcing silent watchers to come onboard

    Some of the members are silent watchers. They just enjoy reading stuff on the group and then go back quietly. Excited members  try their way best to get them typing.

  3. 3 500 messages a day !

    You switch on your data connection and boom. There you go. Your phone gets hanged and starts vibrating like anything. 500 messages are waiting you.

  4. 4 Spam phase

    Conversations ceases to just good morning texts and creepy jokes. Some people mute their notifications while others just copy paste it to other groups.

  5. 5 All silence and no reply

    This is that phase of the group where even the spams and day greetings stop. Some of the select members, who still happen to be excited, try to start a conversation but no one cares to reply.

  6. 6 Leave group phase starts

    Some of the members having a desperate urge to cleanse their whatsapp home start leaving the group. The only reason why the group comes up at top is because someone has left it.

  7. 7 Happy birthday group ever after

    Remaining members of the group use  it only when it is someone's birthday. The group dies its silent death and remains forever as a happy birthday and congratulations group. 

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