8 Types Of Teachers We’ve All Had

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We have all had teachers who have made us laugh, cry, want to tear our hair out and made us feel pretty useless. They are definitely the memorable kind, ones we will never forget despite how hard we try. None, the less we will miss them for all eternity.

  1. 1 The Sarcastic One

    This one is definitely the one we all loved for his/her savageness and utter disregard for anyone.

  2. 2 The Gossiper


    The one who unlocks the whole staff's secrets to the class when bored, but makes you swear you didn't hear it from her.

  3. 3 The Hip One


    These were the ones who we all thanked God for. They didn't care if our belts were in place or if we had brought our phones to school. To be honest they didn't really care about anything except to get back home asap and complete that GOT marathon they had started.

  4. 4 The Self-Proclaimed Astrologer

    This one definitely had a knack for predicting their students' futures. We have all heard this old saying ' If you don't start studying, you will never be able to do anything in life' at least once.

  5. 5 The Shakespearean Sleep Whisperer


    Oh! I absolutely hated good old Shakespearean lessons, when the English teacher thought she was doing a good job at keeping her students interested by voicing all the characters, but we were all secretly just 'resting thy eyelids'.

  6. 6 The Detention-er


    Forgot your classwork - Detention. Didn't do your homework - Detention. Was caught eating in class - Detention. Was caught borrowing a pen - Detention. Was late for class because the principal had called you - Detention. They were madly in love with the word detention.

  7. 7 The Fashionista


    They were the ones on whom all the girls kept a close eye on. They always dressed to impress and had something new on every day. 

  8. 8 I'm The One And Only


    Lastly, these were the ones who thought that the only purpose of our lives was to study their subject. And would assign 21 questions on Monday and would want them on Tuesday. 

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