A poll for all !!

Being a Delhiite, you would like to take this poll and check it out where you fit in with others. It would be FUN ! 1 min

  1. Have you ever been to this place called "Champa Gali" ?

    It is a hidden gem of all peace lovers. Delhi is not only about loud nights. Agree ?!

    1. Yes, it's a lovely Gali !
    2. No, never heard of.
    3. I don't have free time.
    6 votes
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  2. Why people go for shopping to Sarojini Nagar market ?

    1. Because it's cheap.
    2. Because it has varieties.
    3. I've never been to, so NO IDEA !
    5 votes
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  3. Which parantha would you like to eat in Paranthe Wali Gali ?

    1. Lemon Parantha
    2. Banana Parantha
    3. Karela Parantha
    4 votes
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  4. Choose your favorite spot :

    1. Connaught Place
    2. Hauz Khas Village
    3. My place is not there man !
    4 votes
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  5. What you guys usually do on weekends ?

    1. Sleeping is all I do.
    2. What my friends do.
    3. Exploring is my thing.
    4 votes
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  6. Which campus you like better to hang out ?

    1. South Campus (Satyaniketan)
    2. North Campus (Hudson Lane)
    4 votes
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  7. So, you love Delhi because. . .

    1. it's always vibrant and cheerful.
    2. it's my hometown.
    3. Who said I love it ?
    4 votes
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