10 Things to remember when you begin college.

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  1. 1 Make the best use of the first few days.

    On day 1, make sure you introduce yourself to the entire class. Don't just sit back and watch others introduce themselves. Some students have to keep changing schools due to various reasons. However, for some after being in the same school for 10 to 12 years , the first day of college is like the first day of kindergarten all over again. Make the best use of the first few days by getting to know everyone. 

  2. 2 Where do you live?

    This is something you will be asked often. If you're college is in your hometown, then you're lucky. Otherwise , you will have to live in a hostel or paying guest apartment. Living in a paying guest apartment may be a better idea than living in a hostel. Some students move out of their hostel after the first year.

  3. 3 Be Active.

    Take part in all the activities or atleast the main college event. Don't think that not participating will help you focus on your studies. Events give you an experience beyond the classroom and help you make more friends. Don't miss out on the fun. 

  4. 4 Don't let anyone's judgement get to your head.

    Everyone is new to each other and there may be certain people who may pass judgement. Don't let that upset you. 

  5. 5 Get to know your seniors

    Seniors can sometimes be much better than you expect. They can let you in on a lot of secrets and help you out when you have no idea what to do. 

  6. 6 Class representative?

    Being a class representative is great, but make sure you can handle a lot of stress and more importantly deal with teachers and probably even the Head of department!

  7. 7 Explore

    Make sure you visit many places in the city with your friends. 

  8. 8 Don't go too crazy on street food!

    Street food can be delicious but we all know it isn't that hygienic. Plus you don't want to miss tomorrow's test. 

  9. 9 Cooperation

    Always cooperate with your project group or any other group you're in. People will determine how responsible you are based on your work and cooperation. 

  10. 10 Make sure you have someone to hold on to.

    Last but not the least, make a lot of friends. Find people who will support you throughout those 3 or 4 years and maybe even after that. 

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  1. This article is really a depiction and guidance of upcoming college students. Very helpful article.