10 ways Loretians can stay fresh and healthy throughout the day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! 1 min

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Nowadays we are all stuck in the MNC way of life. In this culture staying fit and fresh is easier said than done. Stuck in this monotonous society, we often fail to bestow enough time to our mental and physical health. The maxim of life has come down to hurry out of the house at the nick of time, sometimes without even eating a proper breakfast or taking a shower before leaving the house. Very little is done to keep oneself fresh and energetic.

Worry not! we have compiled a list of easy steps to make your lives easier, enabling you to give due attention to your self. These 10 easy steps will definitely help you get through a busy day.

  1. 1 Getting enough sleep is important. For an adult 7-8 hours of sleep is of great significance. #beautisleep

  2. 2 Brush your teeth properly. Twice is preferable.

  3. 3 Eat your breakfast. People tend to skip it in order to reach on time. Skipping breakfast will make you weak and lazy.

  4. 4 Make a sweaty start to your day. Always start your day with some sort of exercise. #workit

  5. 5 Goes without saying, DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

  6. 6 An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eat at least one fruit of your choice on a regular basis.

  7. 7 While most of us repeat clothes thrice a week, it is preferable to wear fresh clothes every day.

  8. 8 Say no to the chai-sutta combination. #saynotosmoking

  9. 9 Do not skip shower in the morning. Use fragrant soaps and body washes.

  10. 10 Get your posture right. The right posture boosts your confidence.

    Go ahead and live a better day! 

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