3 Real Jobs You Can Do Professionally Without a Degree

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Have you heard the story of Nur Farahani who was convicted of walking an unregistered personal dental clinic? She reportedly had no legitimate skills to do so and learned her capabilities from staring at YouTube videos.
Pretending to be a professional to get paid like a professional is a bit silly (not to point out illegal), but we understand the motivation in the back of it. We all desire to make greater money, however getting the ideal education for it can be pricey or even inaccessible for some of us. Still, you don’t constantly need to pay for and go via years of training to earn a lot. Here are some moneymaking career paths you can take that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree:

1. Air Traffic Controller

Average Annual Salary: RM52,833
Earn Up to RM76,000

You can’t immediately follow to be one besides a Bachelor’s Degree, however, you can work your way up from an air site visitors assistant position. A position which requires simply a college diploma as a minimum. You do need to pass their coaching and undergo a medical examination, however, as the job can be pretty worrying physically.

Your responsibilities contain communicating and supporting a variety of plane where they want to be in an orderly and protected manner. You’ll have some irregular hours, but this line of work tends no longer to overwork their personnel, due to the fact centre of attention and interest is paramount

2. Lift Technician

Average Annual Salary: RM67,200
Earn Up to: RM84,000

Also acknowledged as elevator mechanic or elevator technician, this can be regarded a subdivision of well-known facility renovation and repair. It requires you to either research on the job or else go via vocational training. A diploma is no longer fundamental and won’t help you earn more either.

People who work on lifts are compensated very properly now not only due to the fact there’s an thing of hazard to a elevate that doesn’t work properly, but additionally because the trade of carry preservation and repair has few skilled labourers relative to how ubiquitous lifts are in city life.

3. Personal Trainer

Average Annual Salary: RM54,000 Earn Up to: RM100,000

If you’re already a health club junkie, this line of work is already available for you. As long as you’re in shape as a fiddle, have the time and get right of entry to a gym, you can begin your personal non-public education business. No diploma or diploma necessary. Although, if you’re looking for a higher degree of clientele, a formal training in associated fields will really help.

How tons you earn right here depends on how plenty you work for your clients. You need to find them, educate them sufficient that they see results, but no longer too difficult that they fire you as their trainer. Naturally, the highest-earning personal trainers are the ones who work hard for their clients.

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