7 Amazing Ways You’ve Never Thought of Relieving Anger

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‘Angry Young Man’ is the most popular phrase that describes today’s young generation. What triggers off this emotion varies in each individual but anyone can handle it without much hassle if you take a little care. Well, things get complicated if your anger is not acknowledged properly. Moreover, how would you feel if someone shouted at you for no reason? Naturally, you get angry, right? Here are some super cool ways to maintain your cool and smile at your worries. 

  1. 1 Imaginary verbal fight

    If you can't really control your anger and badly wants to cuss at anyone, why not shout at an imaginary person who made you feel bad? This way, you achieve your inner peace and the other person wouldn't feel bad and eventually you could converse with that person as if nothing ever had happened. See, it is simple! But be sure to shout where nobody could hear you out! (Or they might think you've gone insane!)

  2. 2 Pen it down

    Recreate the situation which made you lose patience in words. Write it down in your journal or a piece of paper and read it to yourself. You will be amazed at the rate with which your anger melts. As a sign of purgation, tear the paper or light it into flames. There, you are miles away from another attack of anger!

  3. 3 Think before you leap

    What harm comes your way if you could take a moment and analyse the situation from another perspective. Try to divert your anger by putting yourself in the other person's shoes and think about the whole situation. Just like we need others to understand us, we need to understand others. A moment of little introspection would enable us to stay away from getting angry. 

  4. 4 Take a stroll around the nature

    Feel the breeze and greenery around you and you'll find yourself swept away by it. Embrace and acknowledge that wonderful creativity; take a leap further and explore the world. Redirect your anger to something so beautiful and plush.

  5. 5 Listen to music

    Nothing soothes an agitated mind better than heart rendering music. The thud-thud inside your head becomes a humming inside you. You'll no longer know why you started listening to music in the first place. 

  6. 6 Work it out

    Engage yourself in vigorous and intense activities such as riding a bicycle or swimming or even a tiring workout in a gym. Your anger will burn out, so does your calories. What are you waiting for? Go burn them up!

  7. 7 Smile, smile, and smile

    Think of pleasant memories and naturally a smile will ensue. When you smile, you are filled with positive thoughts and also impart a fresh feeling to others too. So, go ahead and stay anger-free!

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