7 Things To Learn In College, Instead Of Sticking Your Eyes To Binded Books

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For 12 years we lived in a loop of rote, vomit and accept. Yep! Syllabus learnt by rote, vomited on the day of exam and at the end whether we like it or not we are judged on the basis of 3 hrs exam, eventually we have to accept the result stamped on paper. Students who escaped this loop are countable in decimals.

I am not complaining about working hard for good marks. It takes lot of dedication and hard-work to emerge as a topper, but there is lot more to learn. Your stamped marks might make your entry in the job market easy, but survival is a task and you need lot of skills which no one will teach you. These skill sets are better developed in college to face work world better; because at the end all it matters is who ‘you’ are? You should develop an unwavering personality. 

  1. 1 Self-dependence


    Get out of your mamma zone. Things are going to get hard. Make your own decisions, accept responsibility and practice accountability. Whether the decision is related to join an additional course or to take a trip; think, analyse the conditions and take a decision. To become self-dependent you should understand yourself better through positives and negatives. 

    Stop comparing yourself to others and start understanding what is right for you. Your journey is different from others. Depend on your intuition; it guides you in the right way. 

  2. 2 Manage time to multi-task


    We blame our professors for the burdened work. Never ending assignments and presentation costs all our time. Juggling between Viva, quizzes and soft skill development sounds hectic. Even breathing sounds like work and we need schedule to it (Looks over the top, but that thought crosses our mind). Shh... Break Please! 

    Calm down. This is just beginning. Life after college demands multi-tasking, time management and this is just warm up. So, learn ways to manage time. Schedule your day before hand. Make a To-do-list which you must evaluate at the end of day. 

  3. 3 Stretch your mind - Live flexible


    How flexible are you to changes? Do preponed assignments and postponed internship interviews frustrate you? Annoying untimely and uninformed changes leaves you at a cross roads where your spontaneity and quick thinking is tested. Managing extra-curricular activities alongside your academics prepares you for changing schedules. Set small goals, accept failures, take proper diet, and practice mental stretching. 

    Flexibility and adaptability towards changes keeps you stress free and this takes us to the other important thing which you need to develop at early stage is stress management. 

  4. 4 Stress Management


    Not only you, everyone is stressed. Stress of maintaining a minimal attendance to getting first day first show ticket of your favourite movie (remember the stress you had to go through for Avengers Infinity War tickets) needed a lot of planning. So, there you go planning! All it takes is a plan. Remember you made a to-do-list to manage time, anything pre-scheduled reduces stress. If you know what you have to face, you will be ready to face it.                  

    College has lot of tasks and it throws lot of bouncers to face. Living in the fast pace of college gives you right opportunity to cope up with stress. Apart from planning, healthy mind is important to handle stress. Exercise, meditate and eat healthy. 

  5. 5 Every set back is a step to learn


    You are no more in an environment where you will be spoon fed (That is how school state syllabus worked) every step of learning and behaviour. Experiment and learn. If you have done something wrong in the process of learning or in your code of conduct, this is the time to change. Don’t let a setback demotivate you. College life gives an opportunity to learn and explore. 

    This drops you in a process of self-learning. By the way, it also helps you achieve the first step; first and foremost thing to learn in college, self-dependency. 

  6. 6 It starts and ends at communication


    Do you have a problem communicating? Is working in a team still a nightmare, because you cannot put forward your ideas. College is your final chance to improve your communication skills. Communication plays an important part in the survival. You can start from basics. Join clubs, be a part of event management team, sign up for seminars and public speaking. Communication is like breathing. An inadequate communication skill is an hindrance on the path to success. Good communication improves self-presentation and fuels confidence.

  7. 7 Building inter-personal relationships


    It is easy to find a person with abundant knowledge, but hard to find one with good interpersonal skills. Employer seeks an individual who can build a good team, maintain cordial relationships and healthy environment at work place. Interpreting other’s emotions, sensitivity, conflict management, positive attitude are attractive feathers. College’s provide similar environment and developing them now, will help you apply them in future.

    College is beyond books, black board, benches and four walls. It is about over all development of an individual. So, use every opportunity at college to build your personality.

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