Answer the poll to know if you’ve actually embraced your new surroundings

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It’s not easy staying away from your hometown and it takes a ton of courage to actually take that step into the wild. But once you’ve stepped into this mysterious world ,you have to own it. Let’s see if you have actually find your footing in this nascent place.

  1. What would you choose?

    1. giphy-1.gif
      10 months freedom from restrictions (Away)
    2. giphy-1-1.gif
      2 months of restrictions (Home)
    2 votes
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  2. What food type would you prefer?

    1. Maa Ke Haath Ka Halwa
    2. Domino's Cheese Burst
    2 votes
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  3. How would you watch a football match?

    1. giphy-5.gif
      Screaming at a Pub
    2. giphy-4.gif
      Laying back at home
    2 votes
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  4. How do you take your food?

    1. giphy-6.gif
      One meal for the entire day
    2. 7.gif
      3 courses and 5 meals/day
    1 votes
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  5. What kind of friends do you have?

    1. giphy-8.gif
    2. giphy-9.gif
      People from your hometown.
    1 votes
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  6. How do you dress now?

    1. giphy-10.gif
      Local costumes
    2. giphy-11.gif
      Basic Casuals
    1 votes
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  7. How often do you feel homesick?

    1. giphy-13.gif
      On festive occasions
    2. giphy-12.gif
      Every Month of the Year
    1 votes
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