Are you an introvert ?

This Personality Quiz will help you determine your personal style lineup and start you on the path to greater self-knowledge 1 min

Try to proceed quickly and not overthink after each response. It is highly probable that you can think of circumstances where you exhibit each of the observable qualities presented in the personality quiz.

  1. 1 Study environment

    Which type of study environment do you prefer?

    1. Prefer to study in a group having conversations.
    2. Prefer to study alone in a distraction-free setting.
  2. 2 Thought Formation

    How do you form your thoughts?

    1. Process thoughts through conversations with others
    2. Process thoughts inside your head
  3. 3 Speaking Style

    What is your speaking style?

    1. Moderate pace, quiet voice, and minimal gesturing
    2. Fast pace, expressive tones, and large gestures
  4. 4 Relationship with Silence

    How do you deal with silence?

    1. Tend to be uncomfortable with long silences around others
    2. Appreciate silence (even around others)
  5. 5 Energy Producers and Consumers

    Do you like interacting with others?

    1. I most often find interacting with others to be energizing
    2. I most often find interacting with others to be draining
  6. 6 Decision Making

    How do you make your desisions?

    1. Use logic to make decisions and seek clarity
    2. Use feelings to make decisions and seek harmony
  7. 7 Preferred Approach

    How do you approach a problem?

    1. Subjective, tactful, and appreciative
    2. Objective, direct, and investigative

Are you an introvert ?

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    You have a preference for focusing energy inward.

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    You have a preference for focusing energy outwards.

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