Best Gaming Accessories

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Best Gaming Assets

Top gaming assets with sort of description and review 

 ( Based On 2017’s Market)

by Shashi Prakash on 17-May-2018

If I am going to talk about “Gaming”, then it only attracts the people with some kind of gaming background or maybe he is a pro-gamer or Beginner. But I expect that One who is reading this article is somehow connected with gaming and have some knowledge of gaming.

So let’s begin… Now when it comes to gaming assets then it means a lot to a gamer because gaming accessories are like jewellery for a gamer. This is the thing a gamer want to show off because it feels them proud and this show off is very friendly that one appreciate others and get affected by it.

  1. Logitech G13 Gameboard

    Logitech G13 Gameboard

This is an incredible little device, it is a gamepad with a bunch of extra programmable keys, macros, it comes with a little display so that one can understand the system and may program keys easily, one can check system info and game status.

Design & Comfort:-

Let’s talk about ergonomics and the design in general, it is designed to operate comfortably with one hand. It comes with a very comfortable and little bulky about 8 ounce so that gamer may get stability while using this gamepad. Yes! “Stability”, this word means a lot for a  gamer because if you play an aiming game like CS:GO, Sniper games than you need to be stable with aiming and quick with moves at the same time… Now come back to comfort, if you are playing such addictive game that simply means you need some extra comfort so that you may get a long durability. And this sleek Logitech G13 Gameboard really giving a huge comfort, you are not going to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Keyboard & Joystick:-

One other thing is very unique in this game board i.e. The design of the keys They are kind of angle down and that’s the contour to the natural tendencies of your hand to point down, and it also has the option of backlit of keys some macros buttons also exist there for quick menu options, This is compatible with RTS games as well as with RGP’s.


Let’s talk about the given display, We all know that Logitech is always been good at making their displays compatible with many kinds of stuff, it also offers an open source SDK for all game developers. In this screen, we can set and see many things as  Game stats, CPU Stats, Frame per second, GPU stats etc. So overall it is very useful and worthy.


2.Razer Hydra

Razer Hydra

It is a gaming motion peripheral. It comes with two primary controllers, having motion sensor with them. And they look identical each one has same no of buttons and each one have dedicated joystick.

It is superior to Xbox or PS4 controller. These twins are really worthy because it’s motion sensing is amazing with ultra-low latency for enhancing the accuracy. Just think about you are playing a shooting game as CS: GO or other shooting games, whether it is 1st person or 2nd person game. You don’t need to gather a messy setup like  Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse with some bulky amount of price. You should give a try to this motion tech which may help and enhance your gaming skills on next level.

3.GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

This is totally a little BEAST with the weight of 10 lbs, with this beast you can create your own environment of gaming around you anytime anywhere without getting any problem.

Hence this thing is small and easy to carry with yourself and you can simply plug and play anywhere whether you are travelling.

It has a non-reflective 19 inches 720 display and headphone jack with it. It is also compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 slim.

4.Gamer Gloves EPG

For any gamer hands are the thing mainly used along with eyes and brain. If you are a gamer then you are very well familiar that how to collaborate with both of your hands while playing a game whether, with a keyboard or any console, you have to use both of your hands at same time. How about using any console or keyboard without getting tired just optimise things with a glove by wearing on your hand. Yes! It is possible with Gamer Gloves EPG, now you can play games with joystick or keyboard wearing these gloves it makes your gameplay more comfortable and stable.

EPG stands for Elite Performance Generation which is used in these gloves. The EPG come with an isometric rubber grip to eliminate potential joystick slipping.

5.Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad

This is also a well-designed and well-engineered keypad made for ultimate gaming. It is one of the best gaming accessories in the market. This thing comes with 16-keys and one can assign each key for a different purpose and there exists a rubber hand rest which may give you durability to your gameplay.

6.Logitech G29 Racing Wheel

If one is fond of playing a racing game then this thing is like Almighty God’s Gift for him, because this thing comes with a steering wheel three pressable Clutch, Brake & Accelerator system along with a gear handle which really feels like the original car interior.

Not only look wise but also with the performance this accessory gives you the ultimate feeling of car driving and racing. This Gear is so optimized that one can easily control the setup if knows how to drive. This is also helpful to learn car driving with emulator type games.

7.Delux T9 46-Key

Again a keypad as we first saw some of them and know how it functions? From the very first keypad of our article i.e. Logitech G13 Gameboard. I have explained in very detailed alike that the Delux T9 46-Key comes with same functionality but different looks and bit of changes. Like Delux does not come with the display but there exist F-keys which may help. There is also a rubber wrist rest which helps gamer with their comfort and provides stability and accuracy to the gamer.

8.Razer Ferox

Since our first product in this article we talked about computer gaming accessories but what about the mobile gamers out there? Nowadays mobile gaming platform is rising industries in the market a lot of interesting games are out there for mobiles so you need a perfect gadget for your mobile. This product is totally worthy because this is helpful with your mobile gaming and computer gaming as well. This is a Speaker with all the amazing qualities as 360 degrees omnidirectional sound. And this type of sound qualities is mandatory for mobile and PC gaming. Nowadays there is a trending game named PUBG which is open world survival game where you have to be sharp and observe each sound very carefully and for these type of game it is perfect. This small thing can openly challenge your big home theaters.

9.Corsair MM800 POLARIS LED Lighting Mouse Pad

If you are fond of collecting gaming accessories and show them off to your friend then this product totally fits your expectation and worthy as well. This mouse pad gives you 15 zone RGB customizable light.

It comes with a comfortable rubber pad which provides you awesome comfort and enhances your accuracy as well.

10.Cable Management Sleeves

If you are a serious gamer that means you have your setup and a environment for gaming around you, with lots of accessories which cause lots of wires and USB cables around you and if you want to make your setup nitty gritty than you have to optimise your set up with some of these Cable Management Sleeves, which can be easily tied and untied with your wires. As it’s name indicate it is really able to manage your wires.

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