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    ME:bae!! I'm hungry

    MY BOY: kya  kuch order karlu??pizza or burger??

    ME: you never understand me .always busy with your work and looosing love on me.

    MY BOY: dea!!stop  stop ya . Already your biryani is on the way 

    ME:ooo babe love you

    ( biryani lovers be like)

    here there are some reviews in my college about these food

    #1)advytha: man!! i cant compare those . i can tell you one thing if all other stuff is the thing then biryani is an emotion of the whole food items.and being a TELANGANA PILLA our HYDERABADI biryani makes all the taste 

    #2):krishna:i cant eat biryani everytime but i say that biryani is the most satisfactory food for every food lovers.

    #3)samikrutha:  u know if i come with a family pack of dum biryani to my classmates they will just do what ever i want , and that is the craze of biryani in my college sorry our [email protected] 

    but i say not only in our college every youth will choose biryani over anyother and ofcourse eating biryani all the time is not possible but when it is possible it makes us satisfactory and that is the thing everyone needs.


    OBVIOUSLY!! my mom hates my phone to the peak nd scolds me whenever i cught with my mobile i think you have the situations with you mom everytime

    let us have some talk over it

    #1)prakruthi: hahaha!! for sure this is a daily play in our home. me with my mobile and my mom with her scoldings i dont know why she hates that.may be she thinks that i will be out of order because of this mobile. i know ive some situations like that, once my mom told me to look after the milk on the stove and went away and i said okay but as im with my mobile i forgot about that and he whole milk got scorched

  3. 3 chatting or meeting which one will you prefer and what makes you to prefer it?

    now a days every meeting is turned to a chat  whether depemdimg on the situation or else people turning the situation to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

    here there are some reviews 

    #1) dj: 'CHATTING' but frankly to say as im a girl it is like chatting is with boys will be comfortable and meeting with girls will be comfortable

    #2)pranav:'MEETING' as meeting will unwrap the true shades of the person . and it is tough to chat everytime with sleepy and lazy creatures like me;)

    #3)diya: i think their is relationship between two like'MEETING BY CHATTING' 

    these are some of  the answers i got when i had my talks with everyone about this topic .IN my review i think meeting aperson is better than chatting and chatting is done only when there is no situation of meeting the person

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  1. Funny one and interesting too, I can see that you have an creativity mind in so many ways from food to chatting.. and lotsl more.