Campus Life

Campus life is a dream that never abandons a student and is a shining beacon in front of him. 1 min

  1. 1 Get to see many double faced people unlike being in school.

    You will find people who try to be nice in front of you and then talk bad about you behind your back, else you will find people who say something on your face and do something else behind your back. Unlike school where everyone was innocent hearted and a pure soul.

  2. 2 Fall in Love - get heartbroken or find a partner for life.

    It is often in campus when students have the first acquaintance with such a great feeling like love, the opportunity to make a mistake for the first time and to be newly brokenhearted, considering every second broken relationship, trying to understand what went wrong. The conclusions will remain a lesson for life. Somebody, on the contrary, campus life will help to find his second half and tie them together forever.

  3. 3 Deadlines - Exams and Projects

    On the last day of a project submission, the whole campus will look tensed, there will too much of hurry and people run around asking for help, trying to complete the 30 days project in a couple of hours. The scene is amazing how people save themselves from getting failed or low grades.

    The hilarious thing is a night before the exam, people tend to cover the whole 6 months syllabus in one night and still tend to bring better grades than those who study every day, well that depends on person to person, cant perceive things.

  4. 4 The change - No uniforms and can bring cellphones.

    As the drastic change from school to college made us happy because of these two things. Number 1 being say no to uniform and number 2 being nobody would care if u bring a cellphone or not. You get eliminated from those stupid rules you had in your school life. From far campus life looked like fun, no rules and somewhere at a point of time we all imagined having a campus life like "Student of the year", but when reality striked it was nothing like that. Still living a campus life will give you many memories and lessons for life.

  5. 5 Impress that one beautiful girl/guy you get a crush on.

    The college environment is full of happiness and love, and in this environment seeing a beautiful girl or a handsome guy and not get a crush on her is nearly impossible, people do all the crazy stuff looking at that one girl or guy, show off in front of friends, heading to the gym to get in shape, play the sport he/she likes, look at her/him and pass a creepy smile, and if he/she smiles back it would be a win-win situation or else like always One sided love known as "Ek tarfa pyaar".

  6. 6 Get Broke.

    Those who live in the dormitory or away from their homes for studies know the feeling of getting broke is. First 15 days they live like Kings and next 15 days their situation is "Let's eat Maggi" and why? Broke. It would take time to maintain a proper budget but it would teach us the greatest lessons of life. 

  7. 7 The one with the Fight.

    Well just in the end of teens, blood rush is too high, temper loses really fast. We all have faced a fight to save ourselves or to save someone else who is close, maybe a fight with your college jerk itself. Though may have been badly wounded or must have kicked the person's ass. In the end, when you look back at these days, your face will never forget to smile. It will be stored in the memory file of your brain instead of a 250 GB device.

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