5 Most Misconceptions about Internships

Here, We will bust some Common Misconception about Internships: 1 min

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                             5 Most Misconceptions about Internships
We all have heard the fact that Internships are as crucial for us as our academics grades but most of us don’t tend to believe that and to be honest we can’t blame them. Our colleges never told the real importance of Internships and how they can boost our resume.  We automatically assume that Internships are simply waste of time and they make us do clerk work.
Here, We will bust some Common Misconception about Internships:

  1. 1 Not Worth the Efforts

    I know nowadays being a student is not easy the academic pressure and classes, the struggle to complete the assignments and projects and also to find a way to keep your social life engaging is not less than a headache.

    But among all these, you need to find an internship which will build you for the workspace, they will help you to understand and learn the importance of time management and how to handle any stressful situation.

  2. 2 Unpaid is no good

    Many students prefer paid internships over unpaid and that is completely fine but turning down a good internship offer just because they are unpaid is not the way to go. We don't see the big picture. We fail to see what are we learning and what experiencing we are having.

    We don't see the value of this Unpaid Internship for future. Generally, Unpaid Internships can help you understand the true meaning of time and will make you genuinely appreciated.

    There are many companies giving you opportunities and one of the companies is My Campus Post

  3. 3 Expectation of Pre-Placement Offer

    Though expectation of pre-placement offer is not wrong but this shouldn't be the only reason you are applying for an internship. Concentrate on learning and gaining experience for now then worrying about getting a job. 

  4. 4 It might affect your Studies

    If any chance that you are having this thought, it is completely fine. this shows that you are serious about your academics grades but with this, you shouldn't forget that external work holds the same weightage as academics grades. You can also talk to your college to grant you leave or give you extra time to submit your assignment and if you have your exams coming then you can talk to your company about granting few days off. They are always supportive.

  5. 5 Not trying different fields

    You can get various Internships in any field, internships give the real experience of work and help you to realize whether the specific field is right for you or not. If any students are having trouble finding the right career then they can apply for various internships and find the right path.

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  1. This article helps for those confused, about an internship. nice to know there’s a lot of things here to know what is an internship


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