5 Tools Everyone in the graphic design Industry Should Be Using

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In today’s world, the role of a Graphic designer is important than ever before. Every organization needs an imaginative Graphic designer who can turn imagination into visual reality. Graphic designers need to come with new and creative ideas on a consistent basis. Graphic designers need to be skilled with the latest technology. It is important that they are updated with the latest tools that are required in the graphic design.

Below are some of the tools that everyone in the graphic design industry should be using.

1.Adobe Photoshop

Every Graphic designer should be familiar with this tool. Adobe Photoshop can be used for various purposes like editing images, to make digital art. All the tools in adobe photoshop when combined can help you accomplish anything creative.Adobe Photoshop is used by various professionals like photographer and web developers

2.Corel Draw

Corel Draw is a vector-based graphics editor tool. It helps in color balancing, creating special effects. Corel Draw is mainly used to create signs and logos. In some cases, Corel Draw is preferred more than Adobe Photoshop due to its pricing but its a matter of personal preference both are extremely powerful tools.


3.Cyberlink Photo Editor

Cyberlink Photo Editor is a photo editing tool that provides creative editing tool that is required by designers. It is easy to use interface makes it more popular than any other Photo Editor software. It provides a whole range of editing tools like object removal, face tagging to name a few.

4.Adobe Illustrator

The one disadvantage of Adobe Photoshop is that when the images are being manipulated the image will get distorted Adobe Illustrator on the other hands create high-quality images without hindering the image. Illustrator is used by designers to create logo,graphs, and illustrations


Inkscape is similar to Adobe Illustrator. It is the best tool for beginners in graphic designing and it’s absolutely free. Along with friendly interface, it has various editing tools. Inkscape is used to design logs, Diagrams, and illustrations.

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