7 Best Things Every College Should Do In India

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India is a very big country with so much diversity there and the education system in India sucks. because in the college’s teachers don’t teach skills they just want assignments.

so here are the Best 7 things that every college should do

  1. there should not be assignment work(Assignment)

assignments are the worst things in Indian education system that every student does while if someone doesn’t want to.assignements should be banned? it takes a lot of time and student always copy from others.

And here is the important thing while students doing assignments they know they are wasting their time but this is all Indian education system.you can do another work instead of assignments really sucks. thus assignments should ban

2. Attendance should not be compulsory

It is certainly genuine that students should take their research seriously. This ability no longer solely doing the required work, however additionally actively pursuing each possibility to learn. So of the route, they need to attend their training to acquire the maximum benefit. However, I do now not consider that there is a need to make class attendance mandatory at the college level.

By the time they reach university, college students are no longer children. They are young adults and must be capable to take responsibility for their actions. Attending their instructions is of benefit to them, and while it may also be tempting to bypass them as soon as in a while, it is no longer the accountable choice. Adults ought to be in a position to manipulate their time on their own and to make their own decisions. If a pupil misses too many lessons and so does poorly in a course, he will have to receive the penalties and analyze from his mistake. Finally, non-compulsory classification – attendance may additionally now not solely lead to enhancements in the students, however also in the teaching. Of course, each and every professor likes to see full attendance at his classes. If college students are not coming to class, the professor should ask himself why. Perhaps the students do not apprehend the relevance of the material to their studies

In conclusion, I accept as true with that class attendance need to not be required for college students. They should learn to make the right choices for themselves, and this is one way to inspire the development of independence and responsibility.

3. Projects should be there (projects)

projects should be there in colleges of India instead of assignment because project gives students complete practical knowledge

Projects are generally carried out as a blended group effort. Two or greater students work beneath a information or a team of workers to get a certain result. By doing a project, you will

Understand your situation better

Get practical experience

A chance to exhibit your skills

Learn about crew work, communication capabilities and responsibilities


there should be proper placement in college. Because of most colleges, there are no placements so students have to find the job by own. And Really according to my personal experience placements sucks in India


in India there are colleges in India at every corner thus there is no chance to expect big infrastructure so colleges need to improve their infrastructure

For those who love to read and study, any region can be right to examine and learn. They might argue that the space you are in does now not matter, that knowledge is immaterial, that the bodily context is secondary, and that what is necessary is to listen in what you are reading.

But if we switch this reasoning to the actuality of educational systems, the empiric proof is flagrant: having rooms and gaining knowledge of areas inaccurate stipulations is decisive for students to gain the anticipated educational results. In different words, the conditions of the colleges directly impact the overall performance of the students. two

The reality is that a proper school infrastructure, with renewed spaces, makes it possible for teenagers and youths that live in faraway areas to learn about and, in addition, tends to enhance the attendance and activity of students and instructors in learning. For this equal reason, investments in faculty infrastructure have a quintessential role in fixing to get entry to issues of students to the faculty system and to enhance their performance.

6. Teachers should be friendly

I am a student and I am ” first-rate friends” with a teacher. She has helped me a lot from, household matters, to grades, to drama, to even math homework. ( She is a studying teacher) I do not believe that we college students need to be discarded the proper to be able to be connected emotionally to a teacher, your with them 5 out of 7 days a week anyway, would possibly as nicely have a friendly connection with them


7. teachers should be qualified

teachers should be qualified at least because of less pay in India college hires teachers at super cheap salaries







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