7 Things every college student must do before they graduate.

College is a place where we all dream to do what we didn't in the 14 years of school. 1 min


We all dream of doing a stuff which satisfies us, And that dream takes us to our own bucket list where we can all fulfill our wants. Some have a secret list and some share it openly. But eveeyone has one of it's own. If you also have your own bucket list,don't forget to add these 7 things to your list.

  1. 1 College election

    College elections can be a fun process. Not all the college election end up like JNU's. If you like things to be in your control, this is the best idea for you. Apart from increasing your leadership skill, it'll also help you to protest against the things you want to change. If you don't want to participate, atleast support your friends through campaigning.

  2. 2 College Couple

    Reading novels lead us to one common dream..... The most popular college couple. College campus can surprisingly be a good place for romancing. Library dates, canteen love and empty class room romance is exciting to hear. Isn't it?

  3. 3 Road Trip

    Ever went on a road trip? No? Then pack your and your friend's bag, pick up the car Key's and hit the road. Don't plan a perfect travel. Let it be surprising. The more surprising it gets, the more fun you have.

  4. 4 Time for some alcohol

    May of you might already have tried it. But those who haven't, plan it after college today. Trust me, getting tipsy is wonderful. You start flying. Just search the tips to remove hangover well in advance.

  5. 5 Living in a hostel

    Living with parents? Try staying with your friends at hostel. It will be great fun. Especially the Maggie. Maybe you two can become best friends after the bowl of Maggie. Living in hostel is all about breaking the rules not meant to be broken. You'll understand it once you live in a hostel.

  6. 6 An all-nighter

    You've two choices. Either you can be a person who sits and studies all night long stating that " sleep is for kids." , or you could plan a party, order some drinks and dance on some good party songs. Which one you'll opt? The latter sounds interesting.

  7. 7 Apply for internships

    • Now, after all the fun in your college life, getting an internship during your college days could help to boost up your knowledge and as matter of fact,your resume too. If you haven't applied for it yet, go and search for different internships now.

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