7 Things That Only Engineering Students Will Understand

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  • If you are an engineer, you know what the college life means for engineers. It may seem that life of an engineering student is fun but the things they face can be understood by an engineer only.

Here are the 7 things that only you and your clan will understand.

So let’s begin with the fun!

  1. 1 Master of deadlines


    In our four years of college life, we will be always seen working and meeting the deadlines for submitting assignments, completing lab practicals within the time when we don't even know the procedure before hand and clearing exams in last 24 hours before exams.

  2. 2 Wi-Fi is their best friend


    Wi-fi has become our best buddy over everything. Because for us, home is where Wi-fi is. And surviving without wi-fi is the worst nightmare for us.

  3. 3 Monsoon vacations instead of summer vacations

    Academic schedules of Engineering colleges goes exactly opposite to that of other colleges. We have our monsoon vacations rather than summer vacations. Though we have holidays on weekends, still semester breaks are the only holidays we get to enjoy, because we have more exams than holidays. 

  4. 4 Night owls rather than early pigeons

    "An engineer never sleeps." these words sums up completely the life of an Engineering student. We are either found writing assignments or playing games or watching movies/series the whole night. We prefer working at night instead of day. 

  5. 5 Studying Overnight

    Long study hours was a thing of past. We have now become a pro at studying a night before exam and clearing it the next day.

  6. 6 Always reaching late


    Reaching late for a early morning lecture by 20-30 mins is quite usual for us now. Even if we get up early and think to reach on time, still some how we end up reaching late. But as said "People who are always late are the most creative and successful ones." So no worries!

  7. 7 Official Electrician of your House

    You are not qualified as an engineer until you don't know how to fix the fan and iron of your house and nieghbour's.

    And the list goes on and on....

    I am sure you must have felt a connection with all the points mentioned above, if you are an engineering student. 

    Study hard and enjoy to the fullest during your college life to make it a memorable one. Good luck!

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    1. Haha! Engineers are experts in tackling the situations at the last moment. And when it comes to assignments completion, it is meant to be completed one day before the submissions.

  1. Yes, as you said the list go on. The task of submission of assignments before the deadline is relatable. These things bring back my college days. Your article is lovely.