8 best blogs to follow about Graphic Designing

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Graphic designing is all about creating creative visuals with the help of computer software. Graphic designers design advertisements, magazines, brochures. Graphic designing needs a lot of imagination and creativity and due to increasing competition, it’s important to develop some solid graphic designing skills.

Thanks to the internet there are many blogs, guides, and resources available. Below are some of the blogs which will be useful to learn new tips and tricks

1. Digital arts

Digital art is an online magazine which provides useful guides for designers. It has all the resources that are needed for a graphic designer.

2. Designcloud

Design cloud is the best place to find the art and design from all over the world. You can browse thousands of arts, design and quickly save it.

3. DesignBeep

DesignBeep includes many articles, freebies, resources, tools, and tutorials. You should definitely not miss their weekly web design inspirations.

4. Interactive red

It’s a great blog that covers all about web design and mobile design

5. The Design blog

The design blog provides a visual inspiration. It also has various resources and tutorials and provides freebies so keep digging in.

6. Logo Designer

A good blog that is mainly focused on logo design and branding. It shows cases all design from all over the world and gives designers an opportunity to show their talent.

7. Graphic design blog

As the name, this blog is all about graphic designing. All the help and resources related to graphic designing can be found here.

8. Graphic Mania

A complete package for a graphic designer. Vector packs, Photography, Advertising, Inspiration and resources all in one blog.


If you want to learn more about Graphic desining.Doing internships are great way to start . Mycampuspost is a  good place to begin has you get real work tasks and the tasks which you complete are then elavauted by your supervisiors and get specific feedback for your work.It also helps to build your portfolio which can help you in the future







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