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I’m a third year Computer Science Engineering student at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal and I’m a vivid reader of blogs online on a variety of topics. Also an amateur blogger who is making his way through to the lime light. In my first year I had ideas of starting off with vlog, but was never fulfilled or as I would like to put it, it has not yet been implemented(signs of an optimist). Then during my second year of college, I realized my talent in writing poetry and started a Poetry blog. That’s about when I realized that we can never jump into something like vlogging in the matter of a few decisions. I had to take it up slow and easy, work my way through to it and what better way to start off that from blogs?. There I got my answers —-> Content writing

Content Writing

Web content scope
Content writing

This is something that helped me to get closer to my dreams and now I’m under way with all the planning to start my vlog. Now I have gained the knowledge as to how content is managed and curated on the web. All I need to do now is to convert this knowledge into actions and kick start my vlog.



I should definitely thank MyCampusPost for all their support in helping me reach this juncture. They equipped me with the right knowledge to drive the crowds to my posts and now all I need to do is create content that is engaging.

All those years of planning has at last come to be fruitful. I would love to help all of you achieve your dreams the same way I did. Here’s an article to help you keep focused and motivated on your path to success:

Keep writing!, Your content matters!


Here’s some of the first bit of content that I created:

Words from thoughts

So getting to the point, to help you guys out there who are studying at MIT, Manipal or are planning to join; If you are looking forward to finding a content writing internship here, then look no further than MyCampusPost. It is an amazing platform which will help you get started with your content writing career and give you an ample boost.

The flexible working hours and the well organized guide to go about the internships provided by MyCampusPost are simply tempting to deny. They also provide you with certification along with an automatically generated CV which will display all the work you have done during the internship with them. So do not tarry, hurry!. Apply and earn your spot at the earliest!.

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