Top 5 Tools every SEO and every digital marketer should use to marketing

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There are many SEO and digital marketing tools available online, where each and every tool have their own ways and methods, and some tools are specially built to perform a specific task for example “keyword density analyzer”. Here in this article, we will mainly focus on Tools which are extensively used for SEO purpose.

1. Google Analytics

google analytics


One of the most popular tools used by different websites and businesses for analyzing the web traffic is Google Analytics, which is a free online service, using which websites can get insights about their customers. With the help of this tools, we can find out our traffic sources, conversion rate, SEO performance etc. The return on investment,  performance of affiliate marketers and success of email marketing can also be seen. It provides in-depth reports with graph and motion charts for about 50 sites per user profile. Commerce related metrics such as revenue and sales are also presented. In addition, it provides tools for search engine optimization (SEO).

Google Analytics is free to use.


2. Google Search Console


google search console

Visit .

This is one of the must have tools for every SEO or Digital Marketer. The tool allows you to add and manage your websites and blogs. This tool gives you information about website performance, crawling reports, indexing reports, mobile-friendly website, search traffic, links, indexed content, etc. You’ll use this tool to claim your ownership of a website or blog. Inside the Search Console, you’ll find an option “Web Tools” which links to further additional tools.

Google search console is free to use.


3. Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool

google adwords


This tool is very useful for keyword Research purpose. Keyword research involves exploring the actual terms used in queries by users on search engines, with the aim of discovering niche keywords that are yet to become competitive and then these keywords are looked into further to find resembling or substitutable keywords. This whole endeavour is powered by keyword research tools, which have the functions of word suggestion built into them.

This Keyword Tool is free to use.


4. Bing Keyword Research

bing keywords


Like, google Ad words tool Bing also has its own keyword tool based on its own Search engine. This Keyword Research tool shows stats and suggestions based on up to 6 months of historical data which comprises of no averages. Additionally, all query and keyword suggestions are purely based on organic search which means you will have access to all natural ideas and facts. In-order to use this tool you need to have an account with microsoft or bing.

This tool is free to use.


5. Google Trends




Again a vital tool by Google. This tool allows you to compare two or more search terms to see their relative popularity and trending over time.

This tool helps you to do Keyword research based on current trends and popularity. Google trends gives you location-specific data of an activity. With Google Trends, users can also see Google’s estimate of cities, regions, and languages. It can give you a basic sense of where your target population is located. This tool also keeps you up to date with new trends followed.

Google Trends is free to use.

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