Faces and “Rang”

A doodle that tells what I think about my college and WEPost!1 min

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The very first thought I had when I read the word ” YOUR COLLEGE AND WEPOST” was PEOPLE and their varying ideas and opinions. The different sizes and types of Lips, Eyes and Nose are different people. The paint palletes that crown the head are representing the POWER of creativity that each one of us unknowingly own. My college National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT)  is in Himachal Pradesh, India and so I made the mountains above my college’s logo . The mountains are not just mountains they are actually are an illusion if Einstein’s moustache .  The parrot like creature is our weird imagination which has a close relationship with the Earthy colours and nature! The whole composition is shaped like a flowy gown as i wanted to represent Fashion  which is the main subject in our college .I used these Pop colours so that my doodle looks fun and attractive. The repetitive lines show that WE are infinite thinkers and that we can bring a change in the world using our infinite Thoughts and Creativity!

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