Five interesting type of students in Daulat Ram College.

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There are a variety of students in a college but you can always hand pick a few that catch your attention quite a few times. Some are too weird and some are too cool. Some are always present and some, we barely recognize. From the teacher’s pet to the sleepy head, here are five types of students that are the most interesting and intriguing throughout our college life.

  1. 1 The Hostellers.

    You can spot them wearing pajamas or chappals to college. With hair undone and sleepy eyes or sometimes even unwashed face, they announce, with their comfortable attitude that, this in fact is their home (no matter how undesirable it may seem). They are also the one who are constantly in dire need of a night out because 7pm curfew!!! Like seriously?

  2. 2 Miss Never-got-over-school.


    There is always a teacher’s pet in class who sits on the first bench and asks for permission to go to the washroom *Rolls eyes*. You can spot them frantically copying notes while adjusting their glasses and writing everything the professor is saying and sometimes even asking the lamest of question. Looks like somebody should've stayed in school.


    You can spot them with the gloomy, disappointed faces and "what-are-these-girls-so-dressed-for" attitude. Apparently, the college name deceives a ton of students every year into believing it is a co-ed college and by the time you find out it isn’t, it is too late. Hence, the disappointed face and three years of desperate life. *psst* I got fooled too.*cries in corner*

  4. 4 The "No attendance, no problem"club.

    Seen only during exams or internals, they are the most inactive member of the class. They're found only on the main ground or hanging around with their team members around Nescafe area. It is slightly annoying that they have their attendance sorted and are friends with cool seniors. I wish I had some talent too! Sigh.

  5. 5 The copy machine.

    They are the most chilled out and the coolest bunch of people. With zero fucks given, they pass through the entire semester without studying a single word. From copying through phones, to hiding books in the washroom to even passing answer sheets in class; these kinds of students have some serious talent and a lot of courage. You almost wish to sit behind them in every exam. 

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