So I have a niece, she's 5. All I see her do is watch the television or play games on her iPad. Here's how I bought a change. 1 min

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As distracted as kids are today by social media, video games and looking at how schools and colleges take up a majority of the 24 hours, it is important to ensure they read books to not only grow physically but also mentally. Here’s a list of ways you can successfully do so:

  1. 1 Investing in a Kindle:

    Buying a Kindle is the best possible gift you could give your child. Benefits of buying a Kindle instead of a book include, you can read on the go, it has negligible eight, you can carry over 100 books simultaneously.

  2. 2 Choice of books:

    Choosing the right genre of books is essential. You must try to find what type would exactly interest your child. Some kids may like fictional whereas others may be more inclined towards learning about freedom fighters, mythology etc.

  3. 3 Bribing:

    Make deals with them, ask them to read let's say 20 pages in a day. Write and explain it in their own words and they can do something they want like using the phone or watching television for 30 minutes.

  4. 4 Skits:

    Another way of getting them to read would be to make the experience real life. What you could do is prepare costumes and dialogues and help them to perform it. Do this for the first few books until they develop a habit of reading.

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