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Most of y’all know that I had a really bad knee injury when I was a dancer. My meniscus muscle tore, another muscle tore, i had front knee cap tears and liquid in my knee as well. Did I mention all of this was in one knee? My left knee.

The doctors that were treating me told me I had to stop dancing or I wouldn’t have a knee. For a year and a half I just spent my time from physio to physio to more doctors. Nothing helped. This was also when I was at my lowest low. Depression hit where I didnt do anything for month. (P. S. Failing that year in college didn’t help either!) I had hit rock bottom.

I had given up on everything. I thought there was no way out. For months I was in bed like a burrito.

But there was something brewing inside me that THIS can’t be it. After everything that has happened it can’t end like this.

I changed my Physio doc and tried dry needling started reading the secret and a lot of self help books. Somewhere trying to be positive just couldn’t happen with all the negativity buried inside me.

It’s took months more but my knee was getting better. That gave me hope. Hope to try and remain positive and not pretend. Some how what I was reading and I started believing little by little i wouldn’t blame myself as much.

My knee completely healed. I never did any surgery. I honestly believe the mind is a powerful thing which has the power to heal you. The more angry or negative you are in your mind unfortunately it transpires to your body as injuries or pains.

You can Heal yourself. Believe me I’m still doing it all day everyday.

My knee does hurt here and there but it’s so much better than before. I’m going slowly bit my bit to strengthen my body and heal my soul.

I could do this transition long back but then my knee started acting up. Today’s a good day. And I don’t feel pain anywhere. Today this transition happened. Waiting for strength to develop more so that I can take this up into Urdhva Kukkutasana or upward rooster. Good things come to those who wait AND practice!

Don’t fight your body. You have done it for so long has it gotten you anywhere? Trying loving yourself gentler maybe that’ll help. Maybe💙

Credits : Natasha Noel

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