How likely are you to cheat on your summer diet?

Summer body or pizza baby? Take this quiz to find out where your motivation lies ;) 1 min

  1. 1 You are on vacation and you step into a buffet breakfast, what are you going to pick?

    1. Sausages, bread, eggs, fresh fruits
    2. Fresh fruits, aloo paratha
    3. French fries, bacon, cheese
    4. Skip breakfast
  2. 2 You are extremely hungry and you raid your refrigerator, you eat?

    1. Leftover homemade cake
    2. Cheese and chocolates
    3. Cold drinks and cold cuts
    4. Leftover Fried Chicken
  3. 3 How often do you have cheat days?

    1. Once a week
    2. Thrice in 2 weeks
    3. No cheat days
    4. Everyday is a cheat day!
  4. 4 If your partner wants to Grab a burger and you accompany them, you are going to...

    1. Order one or two for yourself
    2. Steal some of his fries
    3. Order a milkshake and watch him sadly
    4. Drag him to a salad shop
  5. 5 After a very heavy dinner, you want to...

    1. Walk around the street
    2. Settle down for a good movie and popcorn
    3. Have a sound sleep
    4. Cry over earned calories
  6. 6 At a book store you are going to pick...

    1. 'healthy eating and life'
    2. 'how to make easy low calorie cakes'
    3. Books can't decide my diet
    4. 'how to stop cheating on your diet'
  7. 7 Your old jeans finally fit you just right. Your next move is...

    1. Burn your diet chart
    2. Cheat weeeeek!
    3. Get a new diet plan and work harder
    4. Workout but in my own pace

How likely are you to cheat on your summer diet?

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  1. Quiz result

    Not Likely

    You are strong and determined. Nothing can break you my friend, your effort is appreciable! 

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  2. Quiz result

    Very Likely

    Stop drooling over that cake and focus! Diet chart and Gym, NOW

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  3. Quiz result


    We know it's hard and we're glad you're trying. Keep going, your summer body is right around the corner!

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  4. Quiz result


    Love for food > motivation to exercise? Sigh. We feel you *Pats back with sympathy* 

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