Indian E-Sports

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Indian E-Sports

The e-Sports have been on a rise since the last 2-3 years in the West, but what aboutE-Sports in India? Lets take a look.


eSports, as big as it may have gotten in the last few years, is still at a nascent stage. It’s getting huge sponsorships and tournament fundings (last year’s Dota 2 premier tournament, The International had a 20$ million prize pool.That figure is bigger than some of the grand slams of tennis and similar sports) but that is because it is a hot commodity right now. It would be wise to wait for a few more years to validate that its not a passing fad.

Now having addressed that fact, we have to understand that in India,we don’t have a predominant eSport community. Majority of gamers would still prefer to play outside and leave gaming for the wee hours of the day.

Currently as it stands there are 2 major stigmas involved with Video games.
1. It’s a rich kids indulgence.
2. It won’t give you an Engineering, Doctor or Commerce degree (the big 3).

We were one of the few countries which adopted Dota as a viable online game when it first came out as a mod of Warcraft more than a decade back. As a result, we still have one of the largest player base for Dota 2 and CS:GO, but on an average we stand way back in the skill brackets.

To end on a bright note, ESL (one of the biggest gaming front) is planning to launch an exclusive Indian tournament in the near future, comprising of a prize pool of 44 lac for various games. That huge player base has got to count for something.  According to a joint report by search giant Google and consultancy firm KPMG, India’s online gaming industry is expected to reach $1 billion by 2021 from the current $360 million, growing at a brisk 20% per annum.

To make e sports successful in India developers have to start taking India seriously so that they become eager enough to invest some money on establishing a proper e sports environment.

As more and more steps are taken to make esports the part of Olympic games 2020, eSports is now considered a professional career to build on. People are spending their day and night playing eSports and make a living out of it.

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  1. In India, hardly 1% of people will think of making a living out of E-games. People used to follow the eventual route of study and jobs while others do business. Very few are into the field sports and number of indoor gamers are very few. So this message is for all the gamers out there – have a passion for your skills and try to achieve the unthinkable for at least once.


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