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I am going to share my journey to MyCampusPost Career Development Program. I was passionate about writing but I was clueless that what I should do. I was interested in content writing since I was in school. I have my own collection of thoughts. As my mentor always told me if you have a good or deep thought in your mind you should write it anywhere anytime because it will not come again in your mind. Your mind have lots of thoughts at one time. I had done the same thing. In between this I thought to explore my thoughts that it should reach out to the people. I started creating my own stories and taking part in essay compititions and poem writing as well but I felt not fun in that. I was literally clueless about content writing.

1. How to write in professional manner ?

2. How your thoughts or message will attract audience and visibility, values ?

3. How to create a message which is short but have more information and impact to audience?

There were lots of question in my mind. Then I started blogging in between my studies. I had already written two three stories about life and journey. I published it but I only got less reviews about my stories. I tried to find reason why I am not getting reviews so that I can correct it and improve it. one day I had just come from college and checking feeds of that day.

Suddenly I read about Internshala intership summer 2018. I thought ” Is this the platform which I was looking for ?”. I registered in it giving four preference first was content writing and second , third and fourth based on my field related as I wanted intership in content writing only. I made my resume. it showed me the companies offering internships regarding content writing I was glad that from this I will get the platform from where I can learn skills and improve my write ups. I applied in MyCampusPost and in another ones. I got quick mail in 2 -3 days that I am selected in MyCampusPost as Trainee in Career Development Program. After getting it I was given task which was Radio Act ad.it was one of my first audio act I wrote a script as the topic was to promote MyCampusPost and it’s importance after getting opportunity as intern. I recorded it and clicked on submit button by sharing audio. Then I thought how it could improve my writing by that act ?.

After sometime thought came in my mind it was not only benefited my communication skills but also the script that I had written for giving message that was the point. Gusse what I got result evoluted in only 1 day and they appreciated me for work. I really encouraged at the time of seeing my result and feedback. I was eager to do next task as well to grab other skills for write ups. I got excellent experience by joining MyCampusPost. As I have already mentioned in my video that it is digital platform to Lean knowledge and skills in your field or your point of interest. It depends on you how much you are passionate about. How much strong your thoughts about it and grab it. I had read it in Book named “SECRET”. The Law of attraction the main power of yours is your thoughts it depends on positive or negative thoughts. In which way you think strongly, you will definitely get it but it will require your efforts.

I have got the opportunity to expand my knowledge and about using apps effectively by MyCampusPost. I got to know about Quora and here I am writing for building my SEO. Don’t get discouragement if you will not find correct way just go through the ways the right way will definitely come to you as I have got. It is said that from harsh ways you will get the direction of right ways. Thank you MyCampusPost for selecting me as intern.

Do register yourself to apply for internship :http://www.mcpsquad.com/

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