Live-in Relationship? Love? Marriage?

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India is a country of culture, religions and traditions and at the same time a country which is developing fast and embracing the global changes faster. A country which is still enveloped in its century old beliefs, but at the same time the country the country which is ever evolving and ever accepting towards the new trends and culture. These strikingly different aspects of the nation have successfully divided the country in two parts. One of the most conflicted and argued upon topic has been “Live-in Relationship”. Live in relationship to be understood in simple terms is an arrangement between an unmarried couple to live together without the duties and obligations of a marital relationship. 

So that was just a bit about live-in Relationship, i recently read a article about the same which tiggred me to take some different perspectives from my friends. 

Disclaimer: I'm not promoting anything here, its only about pure opinions from the millenials. The interviewees are between the age of 18-22.

Following are the questions asked and these were their answers.

  1. 1 Would you prefer a TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE? Does it make sense to you?

    Acording to one of the interviewee traditional marriages do have a great significance in life and does have a huge value.

    whereas the rest of the interviewees simply disagreed saying that it's a waste of cash, fake people surrounding you, not sure if you can live the rest of the life with the person you are getting married cause you haven't met them before all put together they felt it wasn't significant and real.

  2. 2 Is a Live-in Relationship safe?

    According to a most of them, they'd prefer to have a live in relationship than a marriage cause they can understand the compatability of their partner and moreover all of them believe that a paper can't define a marriage it's all about the feelings they have for each other. They added to it by saying it's safe then being in a marriage and going through marital rapes which has grown in the recnt years, here the couple would know each others preference well in advance so it's very safe.

    Whereas one of them completely disagreed to this and was bothered about how the society would react, he added to it by saying if hi parents would agree he wouldnt have an issue in being in one. 

  3. 3 If the SOCIETY accepted your better half would you get married or would you remain to be in a Live-in Relationship?

    Due to alot of inter caste problems many choose to stay in a live-in relationhup than a marriage. So when I gave an option most of them agreed within seconds and didn't hesistate. But of course everyone thinks differently one person stood out with her opinion saying that marriage isn't a necessity for two people call it official.

  4. 4 Would you consider it to be a positive outlook for the coming generations?

    Well all of the interviewees completely agreed on this point and said that it's the 21st centuary and its all about logial thought process. They also added to it by saying its not illeagal and the least a person could do in this fast moving era is to find the right one at he right time.

  5. 5 Would you rather choose your parents or your better half?

    All the interviewees without a doubt chose their parents but of them said that parents are the most valuable people in the world for us but having a long term perspective she chose her partner than the parents.

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