Most baffling ‘Would you Rather’ you’ve ever come across

Lifestyle poll on very realistically unrealistic decisions 1 min

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Facing hard life decisions is probably the least fun part of our lives. To choose between desirable options and undesirable options can sometimes take a toll too. Here’s a break from that reality. Grab a KitKat, maybe two and try answering the the hardest but fun-est poll you’ll ever encounter! Good luck.

  1. Would you Rather

    1. Advertise a brand you don't support but get paid huge money for
    2. Advertise a brand you support but for no money
    57 votes
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  2. Given a choice, would you pick

    1. Free travel but self paid food expenses
    2. Free food but self paid travel expenses
    58 votes
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  3. If you had to eliminate one overrated food item from the face of Earth, it would be...

    1. Pizzas
    2. French fries
    3. Ice cream
    57 votes
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  4. Would you rather

    1. Live in a house made entirely of glass with no covers
    2. Live in an opaque house with no windows and electricity (just doors)
    55 votes
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  5. Would you rather

    1. Be a beautiful model and extremely famous for it
    2. Be a social activist with moderate fame
    54 votes
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  6. If you had a few hours to live from now, given the resources would you...

    1. Visit every place you hold the strongest memories with (cities, school, restaurants etc)
    2. Meet every person you've been the closest with
    55 votes
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  7. If you ever get sucked into the TV, you'd like it to be your...

    1. Favourite movie
    2. Life style/food show
    3. Football match
    54 votes
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  8. If you had to let go of one of your organs and abilities right now, you would take off...

    1. Eyes and sight
    2. Ears and hearing
    3. Mouth and talking
    52 votes
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  9. Would you rather eat...

    1. Only your favourite heavy breakfast
    2. Three meals a day
    52 votes
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