My story:How an aimless student(that is me)finally found her calling.

My life was like a rudderless ship until finally, it managed to find a shore.2 min

I was a diligent student right from my school days and managed to be the topper of the class consistently throughout school and college.But I was undirected in life.This was a  major inadequacy that resulted in many bad choices later in life. After passing my tenth standard with flying colors, I opted for the science stream for my higher secondary, as that was the norm for the toppers, even though science and maths didn’t particularly interest me. I passed my twelfth standard exam also with good marks.I was uncertain about the graduation subjects.Once more, I opted for the science stream.Even though I wanted to undertake computer science for my graduation, I was late in applying to a reputed college and instead opted for electronics in that college.I passed my graduation with good marks. I was undecided about what to do for my post-graduation.That was the time when computer studies were all the rage and hence I pursued Master of Computer Application(MCA).I blundered here by not verifying the reputation of the college before taking admission.I joined the college blindly as per the suggestion of a relative.Midway through the course, I realized that I bungled in choosing both the course and the college.I  discovered that I detested coding.The lack of good professors added to the woes.But thanks to my assiduous nature, I  managed to study many of the subjects myself, utilizing the books available in the library.Many times I learned by-rote (I was brilliant at it) and I managed to be the topper of college.

Unfortunately, the recession had set in during the time I finished the course and hence I failed to land any good software jobs.That was when I set my eyes on teaching.Teaching was never my priority.But since all my other attempts at getting a good job in a software company failed, I applied for teaching jobs.My good report card helped me to land a job in a college, to teach undergraduate computer science students.I  prepared for each class conscientiously and soon found that I was excellent in teaching. After a few months, I got a job in a reputed college.I found that teaching was my true calling.

Later  I took an interest in literature and discovered that I had an aptitude for reading and writing. I developed this habit and began to blog during my free time.I was interested in reading right from my childhood but nobody spotted my talent nor did anyone encouraged me to pursue literature for my higher studies.I was unaware of the various opportunities in the literature field.  I lamented at my inability to identify my strengths and interests at an early age.I joined for a short creative-writing workshop and later applied for writing internships and got selected by My Campus Post. I enjoyed doing all the tasks assigned to me.Hopefully one day  I will turn into a successful writer.

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