Nine must-knows before moving away from home!

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It is always tough moving out of home and into the big reality of college life. No amount of tips can eliminate the pain of being away from our loved ones. But you can always lessen the pain by being ready for some ground realities. Here are nine such not-so-famous tips that would help you go through the most exciting, troublesome and enhancing phase of adulting.

  1. 1 Always judge.


    If someone comes across as extremely sweet in the starting and then asks for favors in the name of friendship, stay away from them. There are a lot of assholes that would make you want to cry and run to your momma. In a nest full of hunters, it's not impossible that you will not get your set of forever. There’s is always a bunch of people that make college life less miserable and more fun with lots of bad decision. Take your own sweet time to judge and don't be instantly attached only to realize they make excuses to even give you their notes (YES THIS HAPPENS)

  2. 2 MAGGIE!


    You would have heard a lot of people saying you start valuing "ghar ka khaana' after moving out. Well, it is absolutely true. You won't even realize how much a craving for food and not getting it can affect your mood and situation. Because nobody likes to go to bed with an empty stomach, always have a packet or two of Maggie for back up. You never know when they make karela for dinner/lunch. If you're someone you who do not like Maggie *judging silently*, have some kind of spread and bread as a backup option. And make sure you have it hidden from everyone's eyes because everyone is literally asking for food. Always!

  3. 3 What’s your father’s mobile number?


    Never fill your parents’ number in the form. NEVER. You might have done this in your coaching classes or school. Keep following this amazing fun rule to always have your friends or your number filled in forms instead of your parents. Even if you're imagining that what you could possibly do to make the authorities call your parents, trust me, the authorities are illogical and you're going to have a lot of moments thanking me for this tip because everyone fucks up in college. FOR REAL.

  4. 4 Count and watch out!


    If you're someone who lives in a flat, hostel or PG, always count your clothes before washing or giving it for laundry. It is a really weird thing but from your t-shirts to jeans to even your undergarments get stolen or as they say, magically vanish here. It is a golden advice to keep a track of what you have and what you wash. It is really a mood destroyer when you are looking for your favorite bra before a date only to realize that it has magically vanished.

  5. 5 Morning shows = saviors


    As college students, you're always tight on your budget. But you also love your movies. We all know piracy far too well to avoid the theatre but there are some movies just worth the money. Always opt for morning shows as they are cheaper and sometimes less crowdie. You do give up on your sleep but save some money. No pain no gain!

  6. 6 Illegal trips


    All of us aren't born to parents that allow us for trips with our friends. And if you think your chances get better after moving out. YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. But be careful and smart. The tip is to always avoid going to places/states that have different language network. It would be a bummer to know your parents came to know about your secret endeavors by listening to a lady speaking in Marathi when you're out of network. Or you can always call them first. But that would also make them instantly fishy.

  7. 7 Say “No” to landlords.


    It might be not feasible for a lot of people. But if you're someone looking for flats to live in, always opt for the one where the landlords live far away. Trust me, even if they seem sweet and very caring in the starting, they are the most annoying and cold hearted person ever. You won't be able to party (What about all the house parties then!) or even just have a night of guitar and songs. Nothing is okay with them. Yesss, not even birthday nights! AARGH!

  8. 8 Become low-key accountants.


    We're great spenders and very bad savers. You'll always be broke at the end of the month and those necessary expenses would just put you in a lot of loan and the cycle of loan never breaks. Even though it might look like you'll manage through the month without keeping a count of spending, you're very very wrong. Have your essential expenses like rent, cook, maid and everything written down so you know when to stop spending if you don't want a long lecture of "ITNE PAISE KA KIYA KYA" and "BHAI,UDHAARI DE DE"

  9. 9 Hukkah


    Tera pyar pyar pyar, hukkah bar?

    If you're someone who loves Hukkah (which almost everyone does), here's a tip to save a lot on the money. Buy a small Hukkah for your flat. It is a cost saver because every restaurant charges an unnecessary exorbitant price for hukkah. They are not so expensive and even the coal and flavors are easily available and cheap. And once you buy them, you learn how to make them. It is always comfortable to have hukkah nights with your friends in pajamas than in restaurant with deadlines. 

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