Peer pressure can make or mar your future

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When it comes to deciding upon our future plans it's very obvious of the human nature for us to get easily influenced by others.   Peer pressure is a very real issue that affects many of the teenagers of the world today. Society offers many misleading advertisements that seem to lead teens in all the wrong directions. If the youth of today are more educated, the future of our world will be a lot better off.  Peer pressure basically means getting influenced by people who fall under the same age group, interest group or related in some other way.   I have gathered here views from my friends, family members that would clear off the buzz regarding this issue.  So the people are :  Shweta Yadav(friend), Yashojit Das(friend), Pooja Pant(cousin). I asked them questions like what is the peer pressure according to them? Is this pressure good or bad ? and lastly should a student who is confused about his career take advice from his/her peers? So, here are their views:

1  Peer Pressure? 

 Yashojit Das , BBA Student from University Of Lucknow

Peer pressure in India has become a way of deciding upon the career or future plans. While seeking advice from our peer group; should only be a way of giving oneself a direction or guidance of some form. Basically the advise from peers should only give us the ideas about different areas but the final decision should be our own.

2  Is it good or bad?

Pooja Pant, Medical Student from KGMU

It can be both as it depend on the individual to handle it as he/she can took it in positive or as a negative. It’s the one’s own point of view.”

3  Advise from peers should be taken by confused student or not?

Shweta Yadav, B.Com Student from University of Lucknow

“Off course Yes!! Every teenager who is just growing up should get an idea and opportunity what life outside the home is! But the person who is giving some advise he /she should also be elaborating about his/her pros and cons…” 

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  1. Social media peer provides a huge new digital area for pressure and influence. Research shows that the use of social media has many benefits, such as increased socialization, exposure to ideas, and more confidence. There is also evidence of negative pressures such as exposure to ad pressure, inappropriate behavior and / or dialogue, and counterfeit news.

  2. your views about peer pressure are pretty impressive and you did a great job by telling people that peer pressure isn’t always good and that how it has its pros and cons… great work!

  3. I will totally agree to this thought.that our known person will advise .but the last desicion is own.because then we do easily without pressure. But we mention our elders opinion .we take help to future plans. So peer pressure either good or bad.

Himani Pant