Rapes and Indian Mentality

Rapes and Indian Mentality Good Afternoon Friends..... 2 min

Rapes and Indian Mentality

Good Afternoon Friends…..

Nowadays the whole Indian society is churned in the pain of recent brutal rapes of minor girls in unnao and kathua. Alike nirbhaya case the kathua case is an instance of highly intensified Heinous physical threatening to a 8 year old girl child in Kashmir's Kathua village.. The victim belongs to bharatwal community which is shepherd community and largely Muslim… Two BJP leaders raped that to take revenge of old war between two communities….. The religious Vendettas between the two sides has destroyed the life of 8 year old girl…. She is kept in temple for 8 days repeatedly raped by 5-6 men. Raped by police officer even after killing her physically her dead body is raped….This news has brought misery and melancholy to everyone's heart ♥…..

In second case , in unnao a girl I raped by BJP MLA and not only this but also the nefarious behaviour of Rapist MLA has made cops to arrest victim's father and her father the only witness is also killed by them…. But so called Ram Bhaktas kept mum on this and the great saffron wearing Yogi Government didn't even arrests or expelled that MLA almost for a week. They tried to hide this and only after huge anger and criticism he was arrested…

After this there was sudden rush in social media and in television media about the religious identity of victim and also the accused….. Many of my rightist friends have denied the sympathy for asifa but they found is against their dharma and leftist friends started targeting Hindu Dharma and complete RSS BJP……

How Complete Hindu Dharma can be blamed for this?  and why rights don't take it as just a rape case why they think its aginst dharma and favoring rapists just because they are Hindus and RSS related people……

The humanity and mercy for victim is lost in human society of India…. Nobody want a social security system and a proper judiciary to prevent such incidents…but Even the educated class of India is also divided into rightist and leftists……. And hence Prominent  problems are far away from discussion and Solution seems to be impossible…..

We are having mecauley's destructive education system and his imposed IPC judiciary and this two systems should be reformed….. Because the education is not necessary to get employment but it is exactly what Swami Vivekananda  defined education as the manifestation of the latent perfection in man. Education is for  inculcating human values in society…. And if few amongst the society do not follow the rules of human behaviour i.e. if they behave wrongly or attempt crime like rape or anything which against the morality and existence of any individual human being or society then there must be strong correct appropriate judiciary to punish them so as to prevent such heinous crimes…

We don't have any of it and our politicians don't even think of it…its misery of our society…. Which is based on Krishna's philosophy of kshatratej or ability to govern and perish the devilish elements.. 

Anyway thank you 😊

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