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How indecisive have you become?1 min

OMG, I really like it but what if he doesn’t like it, or what if she talks about me to her friends.

God, I love this dress, everyone will surely talk about how fashionable I am.

How often do we talk like this to ourselves?

Why do we care so much about what others have to say?

And why do we not follow our own decisions?

Has the society made us more indecisive these days?

Unfortunately, the answer to the last question is Yes. We have become dependent on other’s perspectives and opinions. Well, a few opinions might be a good thing but there is a difference between consulting and trusting someone blindly.

Current times have changed our thinking patterns so much that it is difficult for us to find and analyze what we like and dislike. We only get confused when people ask us about our preference. From little things like which picture to upload and giving selection credits, people have also started to hinge on major decisions like their own careers and marriages. And believe me, all this is adding to the increasing intensity of indecisiveness at corporate levels too.

In Philip Kotler’s latest book, Marketing 4.0, he mentions how in traditional marketing, consumers had their own choice and how in the modern marketing methods, consumers are now more concerned about the f-factor which is majorly fans, followers and friends. Consumers are no longer interested in individual satisfaction. They are more concerned about social conformity and fitting in.

Also, the O Zone across the Customer Path which consists of other’s (social circle) choices, own choices and outer loop (branding and advertising), says that despite individual variations, today’s customers rely more on other’s influence than their own and outer influence.

In the midst of all this, we often tend to forget what we want and what we would prefer. Probably that’s why we have self-analyzing and self-discovery tests. There’s a popular saying, ‘listen to everyone but decide on your own’. There is certainly no harm in asking people about their choices but changing our interests to match theirs is definitely not the way.

As Marilyn Monroe said, ‘live to succeed and not to please’. I hope people understand the importance of doing what they want and not being a prisoner of how other people care.

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    Tanya Gupta
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