Is live-in relationship really acceptable ?

Have you heard that live-in relationships are legally acceptable by the law of our country? Check out to find more ! 1 min

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India, a country being rich in culture and traditions could not let go of rigid stereotypes. Out of such is live-in relationship. In metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai many couples have live-in relationships but it is NOT that much easy. No matter how much advance a city can become, some things remain unchanged. Live-in relationships are legally acceptable by the law but not in the eyes of the society. I have gathered here views from my friends, family members that would clear off the buzz regarding this “issue”. So the people are : Shikha Aggarwal(friend), Rishi Pathania(friend) and Manpreet Kaur(cousin). I asked them questions like what they really think of live-in relationship?  What are the barriers in the way of becoming these relationships as something COMMON or acceptable by the society ? So, here are their views :

  1. 1 Common ?

    Shikha Aggarwal, working in Infra Operations, Accenture.

    "Live-in relationships are common these days as compared to the earlier time when even talking to a guy is such a fuss. But the things are changing and hopefully it would be acceptable by all in the future. It definitely would take some time as all good things take time to happen. "😊

  2. 2 Not for Indians ?

    Rishi Pathania,working as Software Developer, Sopra Steria.

    "India being so rich in culture holds traditions and values at the top. So, live-in relationships could be a little hard for people to accept generally. This concept is not Indian btw but still it is making progress in our lives. That's a nice start but eventually with generations to come it would be cool thing for all. As it is not something bad." 😯

  3. 3 A Good thing ?

    Manpreet Kaur, student of M.A. English

    "Live-in is not a thing to be ashamed of. It is a good way to know your partners and one can live with them without any interventions of the law and family. In our society, landowners usually don't rent their property to couples which is quite changing with few people. It is acceptable by some and that time is not very far when it would be by all. " 😌

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