Reservation System In India

India, a developing country, where equality matters. let's see people's thinking about The Great Indian Reservation System.6 min

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Reservation System In India

Reservation System:

“Reservation system where one has some superior rights over people on the basis of his caste or religion.”

                      Shashi Prakash.

Reservation system in India comprises of many things including enrollment in higher education, Government Job, reserving access to seats in the various legislatures etc.


Let’s talk about the brief history of the reservation system. The reservation system was there even before the Independence named as ‘Quota’ in some part of British India, In 18’s The great king of Kolhapur also made some strict rules regarding non-brahmins (Backward Caste).

After Independence, there were some initiatives in favour of Scheduled Tribes(ST), Scheduled Caste(SC), and Other Backward Caste(OBC). 

In 1954, The Ministry of Education suggested that 20% of the seat should be reserved for ST and SCs.

Later reservation came all over. But there exists a cap of the reservation that any reservation may not exceed 50% of the seat.

Various Fields of Reservation

There exist many fields of reservation as Gender, Caste, Education, Employment etc.

Gender-Based Reservation:

In India there exist reservation based on gender. As all developed countries India also supports Feminism and give some rights to female so that they may not face any discrimination on the basis of their gender.

Caste Based Reservation:

It is the mainly seen reservation because the reservation was coming on the basis of caste so it is the ancestor of all other reservation. And hence it is oldest so it has spread on a large scale.

Reservation In Education:

This is the reservation we all are familiar the most. If you are a student then you are very well aware of the reservation in the field of education, especially if you belong to  General as me then I don’t have to write much about that.

Reservation In Services:

This is the sector where the reservation has affected the most, In our daily life we can see some of the news about how a civil service Examination’s student of General category used to claim about their knowledge and effect of the reservation system.

Religion-Based Reservation:

Beside of Caste Based Reservation, there also exists a Religion Based Reservation. For minority religion there exist Minority Reservation along with that Backward Muslim Reservation. In different states there exist Religion Based Reservation

Youth’s Opinions On Reservation.

I went through a short interview with some of my friends to know their opinions on  Reservation System. I asked some questions about them given below:

  1. What do you understand by Reservation System?

             “ Reservation System is nothing but Casteism. First, it was made for providing equality                        to everyone but now it is nothing but casteism.”Animesh Minz
Student(CSE Engineering)




 “Reservation System creates Discrimination among all. Hence primarily it was made to minimize the Discrimination but now it is the stimulant of the Discrimination.”

                 Sauredra Dutta
Professional Photographer
[email protected]






“Reservation system was developed to help the backward class people. This is a policy which acts as Booster for backward class. But people are misusing these boosters”

LaxmiKant Patel
Student & Artist
[email protected]


2. Should it still be based on Caste?

“Why should it be based on anything when we overcame the caste basis issues. Now there is nothing like caste-based discrimination, untouchability or anything so why would we need the reservation. According to me, “Say No! to Reservation” .”

      Animesh Minz
Student(CSE Engineering)

“No! It should not be based on caste anymore rather as they categorized the caste on the basis of discrimination of that time, now situations are far different from that time so there should be a modification of the constitution that people should now be categorized on the basis of their income and the Reservation should be based on Economic Situation.  ”Sauredra Dutta
Professional Photographer
[email protected]


“It should not because now the time has changed all the backward caste people are developed and enough wealth to spend their life easily. This Reservation system should be based on the economic situation of people but with some of the strict laws and constitutes accordingly, so everyone would able to get all the benefits equally without prejudice.

                                                                         And once a person gets benefits from this Reservation System he would not be able to take further benefits.   ”

LaxmiKant Patel
Student & Artist
[email protected]


Writer’s Opinions On Reservation:

After analyzing the answers of all I came to this point that when the Reservation system was written in constitute, the situation of India was a bit different from now and that time Reservation system was mandatory to maintain the society so that it was written.

But now in 2018 where we are living in the developing country, there is no existence of any discrimination on the basis of caste, there is no existence of untouchability. So, why we still need Reservation system?

We are living in the era where half of the world is connected to the internet, where no one can suppress the ability of anyone. From the very beginning, from where it all started ‘Reservation On Education’,  so that no could be untouched from education and forward caste may not suppress the ability of backward caste. But now in this era when we have even reached over moon how could, we still think that someone can suppress us? So why we need them?


All we need is, create a healthy atmosphere of knowledge around us without any aspects so that each and every person may get knowledge. We should spread knowledge and awareness so among our acquaintance so that they can get rid out of this malpractice.


“A person blessed with knowledge would not need any Concealment as Reservation.”

                                                                   Shashi Prakash
Writer & Blogger


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