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Welcome to another #truthbombmon

This one is for all the humans with uteruses!

Not only today, but all day everyday #SaggyBoobsMatter !!!

Ive always been blessed with the boobs and I’ve always hated it! One they are big and two they have always been saggy. There are a lot of reasons why it is the way it is but we ain’t getting into that right now.

So this is my other insecurity because I could never let the ladies loose thinking that they will always fight with each other or if I lie Down they will choke my neck! (Side note: I realized when I lie down they just get shy and both of them go to my armpit respectively! ) Also that one boob is a planet bigger than the other! 🤪

I could never wear a backless or halter or any fancy bra because them babies wouldn’t allow it. But more so because the boobs I saw were all perky and perfect and I’m just an imperfect human with every bloody flaw.

So I decided when I was eighteen or just when I make enough money I will get my boobs perkier and do a boob reduction! That’s how much I always wanted to “fix” my body. Because it’s not perky or bump free or small or just not “how I keep seeing in the media”

Fast forward to today I’m 25 my breasts have gotten saggier, my cellulite has increased, my thighs have gotten bigger but my mind is evolving more.

I am not THAT hard on my body. (Mind you, there are moments I am insecure however there are longer periods of security in my essence!) It’s the unlearning the deconditioning of years of thinking my body is flawed and ugly because I haven’t seen my body type in a “positive light” appear on media.

It switched for me in my head when I just wanted to stop hating myself all the bloody time. I woke up one day saying enough is enough I have only been upset for so many years and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere let me try a different perspective. Let me stop fighting with my body and start nourishing it and plant kindness in me, let’s see how I feel after. I’m happier now. Genuinely happier. Yes, I will always make improvements to get better doesn’t mean I can’t love myself NOW.

The only way you can stop being at a war with yourself is IF you accept yourself. Once you do that you can start loving yourself. You won’t look at yourself with ugly and painful eyes.

You will be content, you will be at peace with yourself. What’s the point of being kind and loving to everyone in your life, if you can’t be that person with yourself? You need your Love the most! Always remember that. Heal yourself first then you automatically heal the world because that energy is oozing out of your system in abundance! Then you’re not “trying to be love” you are love.

So if you have too much boob, or no boob, if your boobs are cockeyed or of an alien species YOU ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

Don’t allow anyone to make you feel less of a human. Please. You have enough shit in your life going on don’t allow anyone to lower your vibrations. You need to uplift yourself and others and you need to find like minded people.

Did I mention YOU are beautiful? I didn’t. Oh okay. YOU ARE MOTHER EFFIN BEAUTIFUL!💙

That’s all rant over. Kbye.

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